Tuesday, April 5, 2011

They Say It Takes a Village

  They say it takes a village to raise a child and I believe there's a lot of truth in that.  There are some very special people in Anna Beth and Lynnsie's lives right now, outside of the amazing family members that surround all four...I mean five(!)...of us.  I just wanted to take some time and jot down who they are and why they are special.  Each person is a huge influence in their lives right now and I am grateful for each of them.  I am taking a huge risk at leaving someone out and am hoping desperately that I don't.  If I do, you better believe they will get a post all their own!!
  I will start with a lady who is very special to both of them, and that is Mrs. Lea Hord.  She is the Director of Preschool Ministries at our church...First Baptist Church Slidell.  She makes sure there are loving teachers for my kids every Sunday and Wednesday during church and on Thursday mornings when I am in Ladies Bible Study.  But here's the special thing about Lea, she doesn't view preschool ministry as a "need for babysitters", but as a time for laying the foundation for these young children coming to Christ...starting at the very beginning, I guess you could say. 
  Still in the preschool department at church, we have the Babies nursery at our church.  Children stay in here until they turn one and are walking.  Lynnsie was with them for 18 months...she was a late bloomer in the walking department!  These ladies loved Lynnsie so much!!  And they loved "on" her so much, too.  When it came time for me to move her, they asked me to wait just one more week so they could play with her one last time and tell her goodbye.  It brought tears to my eyes to see how much they loved my child.  They taught Lynnsie that church is a happy place to go, where you find love from others, and get 'loved on" by others. 
  Lynns is now in the 1 year old class.  She's only been in there a few weeks, but already I know that her teachers, Mrs. Carmen and Mrs. Bonnie, picked up where Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Jessica left off.  For months they would check to see if she was walking because they couldn't wait to get their hands on her!! Again, showing that her love and being eager to love on her.  They were also the first Sunday School teachers AB had at our church - and they still love her now just as much as they did when she was with them every Sunday.
  Mrs. Betty keeps Lynns on Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings.  There's others who are in there, too, but even they will tell you that Lynnsie belongs to Mrs. Betty.  Mrs. Betty is waiting by the door for Lynnsie every time I drop her off.  She reaches for her and smiles the biggest smile.  Most of the time, her feet do not hit the floor while she is with Mrs. Betty because she is being snuggled and rocked...two things that she loves!  Lynns has even called Mrs. Betty "Grandma" before, so I told Mrs. Betty she could be her Louisiana Grandma!
  AB's SS teachers are great, too.  Mrs. Andrea and Mr. Carl.  Mr. Carl teaches AB a Bible story every week and talks to her about how much Jesus loves her.  Mrs. Andrea plays with her and, AB's favorite, brings her donuts!  AB has said many times she likes going to church because she gets donuts...and that's okay with me because I want church to be a place that she wants to be and enjoys being at and knows that church is a fun place, too.
  Mrs. Laure plays two roles in AB's life...she is a helper in her Mommy's Day Out class and she is also her choir/Awana teacher on Wednesday nights.  AB loves her on Wednesday nights because she always stuffs her pockets full of candy on the way out!! But what AB really talks about, is when Mrs. Laure helps her take a nap at school.  Mrs. Laure rubs her back and plays with her hair while she settles down and falls asleep each Tuesday and Thursday.  AB will say, 'Mommy, rub my back, please, like Mrs. Laure does.'  It is so precious!  And I love knowing that my child is loved during a rough time of day...when she's super tired and worn out!
  Finally, but certainly not least, is Miss Kelly and Miss Karen, AB's teachers at her MOD school.  I had no idea AB would have two teachers who loved her so much!  To see her give them hugs, and watch them give her hugs, every single day is priceless.  AB asks if they can come play at her house or come to dinner.  When one of them is absent or sick, she is excited to get to school the next time to see them.  They even take the time to send home notes about funny things AB did during the day.  They know when she's not herself and they call me.  I pray that every teacher any of my kids have, will be just the way Miss Karen and Miss Kelly are!
  I know throughout the years, there will be many people who are special to my children and play important roles in their lives and I never want to forget them and I want to be able to look back and remind my children about each and every one of them.

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