Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Heartbeat

  I have never really thought much about heartbeats, or really the sound of heartbeats.  But now, heartbeats are one of the most beautiful sounds there is my life.  Especially when it is the sound of my baby's heartbeat.  For now, I am only going to the doctor once a month.  Not much happens at these appointments, but I get to hear our little baby's heartbeat. 
  I always hold my breath for a split second when my doctor first puts the little heartbeat listening device (not sure of the proper term!) on my belly, but I can't hold back that smile when the sound of that first heartbeat comes through.  And then I listen for a brief moment at the life growing inside me.  I can breath again, hearing that precious sound.
  It is a sound of assurance.  A sound of life.  A sound of our future as a family. A sound of the love God has for me, that He would allow me have such a child.  A sound that comes with so many emotions that I really have no idea how to write them down.  I love that sound.  I could lay on the doctor's table and listen to it all day. 
  In a few months, I will trade hearing that sound once a month for holding our baby in my arms.  But for now, I will look forward to hearing the precious sound of the precious heartbeat of our precious baby.


  1. Congrats, hon. How far along are you? Oh, the heartbeat thingy is called a doppler. :-)

  2. Thanks!! I am 18 weeks. We find out what we are having tomorrow!!