Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sandwiches...Sometimes, it's as real as it gets

  Have you ever had great plans for a super-yummy-delicious supper?  I did last night.  I was going to make veal parmesan, roasted potatoes, and cream corn.  Mmm...sounds so good.  I know Jacob was looking forward to it, too, since the veal parmesan was his idea.  But when 4:30 rolled around...I just didn't feel like it.  I didn't feel like trying a new recipe. I didn't feel like dipping raw meat - with my bare hands - into bread crumbs, grated cheese, and eggs.  I didn't feel like dicing up a half dozen little, red potatoes.  And no, I didn't feel like opening the can of cream corn and turning the eye of the stove on low.
  So, we had soybutter sandwiches and sliced peaches (from a can, not fresh, and that's okay).  Soybutter is our peanut butter substitute due to Lynnsie's peanut allergies.  Not the greatest tasting thing, but it is a great substitute and a fabulous quick meal.
  I call the girls to the table, give them their milk, and put their plates in front of them.  Anna Beth takes one look and says, "But, mommy, I wanted a real supper tonight."  Guess what, darlin', this is as real as it gets tonight :)  But I know what she meant...she wanted meat and a veggie (ha! I like to tell myself that) or spaghetti or something cooked.
  I've never really loved cooking.  I could tell you about my first time cooking spaghetti, but you might never risk having dinner at my house, so I'll leave that out.  But when Jacob and I got married, I slowly...very slowly...started to like it more.  One thing that I love about that man, among other things, is that he doesn't expect me to have some grand, home-cooked meal every night.  And if there's a night where I don't feel like cooking, he'll whip something up.  He doesn't mind a low maintenance supper.
  But then Anna Beth and Lynnsie came along and, not that I enjoy cooking any more than I used to, I enjoy taking care of my children in this way.  I try to instill good eating habits and encourage them to eat fruits and veggies and I limit sugar and cookies (for them, at least).  There are still times, however, that I just don't feel like.
  In those times, soybutter sandwiches or grilled cheeses are as real as they get.  At least they're on whole wheat bread, though.  And soybutter has protein and cheese has calcium.  Oh, for the record, last night after supper...AB looked at me and said, "Thank you for making me a 'butter sandwich, mommy."  I love my kids.

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