Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Baby Brother

  Today was THE day that we'd been waiting for several weeks to arrive.  Today, we found out we were having a baby boy!  Anna Beth has been so sure this whole time that there was a baby sister in my belly.  She has even told people that and they've congratulated us on another girl!  The following is the conversation that we had in the car after we got them loaded up from my friend, Kim's, house and were heading home:

Me: "Anna Beth, Lynnsie...there's a baby brother in my belly."
AB: "And a baby sister!"
Me: "No, just a baby brother."
AB: (frowning) "But, why?"
Me: Because that is the baby that God gave us.
AB: (looking sad) "Oh."

  Fast forward through playtime, lunch, and nap.  Here's another attempt at trying to tell AB about her baby brother:

Me: "Anna Beth, are you excited about your baby brother in my belly?"
AB: "Yeah, I guess."
Me: "What will we do with him when he gets here?"
AB: "Play with him.  And when he comes out, then there will be a baby sister in there!"
Me: "No, there won't be a baby in my belly anymore."
AB: "Well, then when he comes out we'll put him back in your belly and get a baby sister."
Me: staring, listening to Jacob cracking up, not really knowing what to say to that...

  Oh, the thought processes of children and the things that they say.  Lynnsie is pretty quiet about the whole situation...she may not give this "being the baby" thing up very easily :)


  1. Love it. I better start studying up on cute things to make for little boys! He'll get his own dog, of course. :)

  2. I know he will love his dog!! Lynns curled up with hers tonight when I laid her down :)