Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Stormy Night

  On Sunday, Jacob had to run to Wal-Mart to get Anna Beth some more bedtime diapers. Anna Beth and Lynnsie both wanted to ride with him, so off they went - and down I sat on the couch to enjoy the quiet...after I got supper started, of course :)  When they came back in, Anna Beth was carrying a green, bouncy ball and Lynnsie was carrying a purple bouncy ball.  This is now two trips in a row to Wal-Mart where the girls were able to pick something out for themselves...I hope they don't think this will be the norm!
  Jacob wanted to replace the bouncy balls they had gotten for Christmas that have since busted.  So, they each picked out a new bouncy ball.  We played in the driveway with them most of the day yesterday...rolling them, bouncing them to each other, and the girls loved chasing after them when they got away in the yard.
  After we got them tucked into bed, it began to storm outside.  After one loud clap of thunder, I heard AB.  I thought she was scared, so I ran into her room.  She was not scared.  She was watching the storm out of her window and she had just seen her new, green, bouncy ball blowing away in the wind and headed down the street.  We raised the blinds and she, Jacob, and I sat there and watched the storm together...assuring her that Daddy would go get the ball.
  The storm passed and we tucked her back into bed.  Jacob grabbed his rain boots and a big flashlight and out into the street he went.  He returned several minutes, bouncy ball in hand.  And that is just one of many reasons, my girls have an amazing Daddy.

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