Monday, March 10, 2014

The Ninth Day of the Month

I was going to write a post about a great idea my friend, Rebecca, gave me - to help me get through this wait.  Basically, we were officially added to the adoption waiting list on December 9 so each month on the 9th day of the month - I'm going to write my son a letter in this sweet journal she got me and just allow myself to feel the emotion of missing him and wanting him home as much as I need's basically a day that I'm dedicating to him.

And I was going to tell you all about we sang His Eye Is On The Sparrow in church and I could only think about how His eye is also on my son and that I know He's watching him.

And I was going to tell you a little update we received a couple of weeks ago saying that our new "wait time" from the time we were approved (Dec 9) was now approximately 1 - 2 years instead of 6ish months.

And I had even thought I might share about the sisterhood of the non-traveling pants just for a good laugh.

But then we got a phone call.

From our social worker.

And there was news.  Big news to share.  Bigger than the 9th day of the month and the sisterhood of the non-traveling pants (although I may throw that one in here later this week - stay tuned).

Beth - our social worker - called to tell us we received a $7,000 grant from Show Hope.  Seven thousand dollars!! Oh my goodness.  Y'all, we were so blown away.  This is such an answered prayer - especially since the latest info we had seen on these grants were that there on average $4k-$6k.  So incredible!  We still have a couple of more grants to apply for and really pray we get and we will be fully funded!

But, y'all, that wasn't even the really big news.  Nope, there's news bigger than $7,000.

I can't share all the details just yet, but please pray for our adoption and the little boy who just may be ours.  I absolutely cannot wait to share it all with you, hopefully in another few weeks - but please, please, please pray for us and for this sweet little boy during this time.  He's just perfect :)

We've shared the details with some close friends and of course, our parents - and we're just asking you to pray.  And be ready to celebrate with us soon! Oh, y'all - God is so incredible!!!