Our Adoption Story

There are over 150 million orphans around the world, many available for adoption and many trapped forever in an institution owned and run by the government.  It is our heart's desire for every single child on this planet to know the love and comfort of not only a forever family, but of Jesus Christ.  Our family alone cannot reach out to, care for, or adopt every single orphan out there, but we can find our son.  We can adopt him.  We can bring him home.  We can love him and nurture him and be his forever family.  We can introduce him to Jesus and point him to a relationship with Him.  We can tell him of Christ's love for him, His dying sacrifice...His resurrection...His longing and desire to call our son His own.  We will do for him, what we cannot do for every single orphan.  We will bring one more home...

Why We Are Adopting
The story of how and why we made to the decision to adopt our son...

Why Colombia?
The journey of how God showed us that Colombia is where our son is...

Why is adoption so expensive?
A break down of why adoption is so expensive

Our Adoption Process
All of the steps of this adoption process and potential timelines

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