Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome Home, Silas!

Finally posting our airport pictures. Some families opt to do a huge airport celebrations, some families want it to be a "family only" thing, and some families - like us - want somewhere in the middle. We invited a few of our close friends to join and it was such a joy and a blessing to have those who could make it to stand there and welcome our son home...forever. Huge thanks to Mary for snapping several incredible pictures and to Jamey for editing them. Welcome home, sweet boy!

I picked the kids up early from school, went home to make "Welcome Home" signs, and headed to the airport! And I missed my exit in NOLA because...NOLA drivers. I seriously thought I was going to be late to my own son's arrival. But we made it with time to spare.

This boy was SO READY for his daddy. And his new brother.
And these little Daddy's Girls...their smiles don't even tell half of their excitement!

Couldn't have done this without these ladies. Plus a "few" more of my girl :)

Oh, Lea...I just love you. You helped get me here. Big time.

Double checking arrival times with our friend, Jack
Anxiously waiting and thinking every tall, brown bearded man in a cap is Jacob.

We just caught a glimpse of them...

When he reached for me....oh, you guys...
Being introduced to his brother and sisters.
I will never let him go.

And back to Daddy's safe arms among all of this craziness
First picture as a family of 6!

He had to get up at 4:30 am to get to the airport and he didn't sleep at all on the trip he passed out just as we left the airport parking lot.
It was awesome coming home to decorations from sweet friends like this....

...and this. We are truly blessed.
I'll never stop saying how much I love our teachers and schools. Lynnsie's first grade class made this for Silas and were so excited for Lynnsie to get a new brother!
Confession: This is our 2015 family picture....taken in 2016 when our wonderful photography came out of "retirement" to snap a few pics. We love you, Maggie Moreau!


  1. thanks that you share your memories with us. This is really a beautiful album with full of happy and exciting images. I liked it all. Look at the kids faces.. they are full of life:)

  2. That is really good and nice post, kids seems to have fun out there. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts

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  4. This is a fun activity and kids should be involved in such activities it would be good for them. I like thier uniform of same blue color. It looks amazing.