Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Stormy Night

  I love writing about the wonderful things that Jacob does as a daddy.  They just might be my favorites.  So, here goes another one...
  A while back, he noticed something was wrong with his truck.  He poked and prodded around, took it to the shop for confirmation, and decided what it was that needed to be fixed.  Since then, we've been waiting on a good time for him to take what seems like the whole front of his truck a part and fix it.  We knew this would be a 2 day, at least process.  So, this was the week that it worked out for him to get all of the parts ordered and finally get the truck fixed. 
  He spent Monday morning ordering and buying all of the parts he needed and making sure he had all of the right tools and then went to work on it.  He worked from about 1pm until 9pm or so.  Then Tuesday came...and it was stormy off and on all day.  He was stressing that he wasn't going to get it fixed in time to be able to drive it to work on Wednesday.  But, alas, he got it fixed as he ran out between thunderstorms and worked on it - sometimes even in the downpour. 
  Today, Wednesday, he said he needed on more part that he could pick up after work and put on there.  He got home early from work and worked on his truck for a while then took a break to shower and go to church.  Now for the really sweet part :)
  When we picked the girls up from their Wednesday night programs, Anna Beth was very excited because she had colored Jacob and I both a pineapple.  She held them on the way home, as she got out of the car, and came into the house.  The whole way home, it was lightening and it was quite evident that a storm was close.  After getting the girls in the house, Anna Beth asked if she could put our pictures on the refrigerator.  I knew Jacob was in a hurry to get changed and get to work on his truck before the rain and so he could get in bed soon.  But he stood so patiently beside her, holding the papers up on the fridge and she put about a dozen alphabet magnets all around each one - figuring out precisely where it should go.  He was never impatient, he never told her to hurry, he never even got in a hurry - he let her place her beautiful pineapple pictures on our fridge.  I wish I could have captured the smile she looked up and gave him when she was done...and the look in his eye as he looked down at her and smiled back.  He is one special daddy and my kids are some very special and blessed kids to have him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Much, Too Soon

  "Too much, too soon."  I just kept thinking that over and over as I went to get my camera.  Are we really "here" with our kids?  It's hard to believe, but apparently we are:

  She's not in her crib anymore.  She's in a real bed for real little girls.  Last night was the first night she slept in it and she asked to sleep in it.  It has been in her room for 2 weeks and, I will admit, I put off trying to put her in there.  I secretly hoped she would wake up in the night and ask to get back in her crib, but she did not.  The night went perfectly.  She didn't fall out nor did she find herself hanging upside down on her back, half in the bed and half out.  No "funny" pictures to show...just my sweet, tiny little Lynnsie sleeping in her big girl bed.  Too much, too soon, I tell ya!

Christians and Adoption

 So, I got on here to blog about my own children, when I was reading through my bloglist and saw a new post from It's Almost Naptime - one of my favorites.  It was titled "Things that make Christians go "Hmmm....".  She had posted two links: I encourage you to read them both. They are eye-opening.

Here's the link to the blog, too:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bed Time, Prayer Time

  Bed time is our family's sweetest time of the day....unless it's a night like tonight where there is a refusal to go to sleep by one or both children ;)  But, seriously, it is filled with so much preciousness and sweetness!!  Our bed time routine is a family affair.  Sometimes Jacob gives the girls their bath, sometimes I do, sometimes we both do.  Then we let the girls pick who they want to dry their hair, lotion them up, and put their pj's on.  Most of the time, they both want daddy so it pretty much becomes a "who's turn is it for daddy" kind of thing.  Oh, well. 
  Their faces are just so sweet after a good bath.  And soft, too.  After everyone is pj'd up, we gather in Lynnsie's room to say prayers.  Jacob usually leads us in prayer - and that is an answered prayer of mine because I always wanted a husband who would lead our family in prayer and in Christ.  For the past several nights, though, Anna Beth has wanted to say prayers by herself.  She mostly thanks Jesus for our food - the same as her meal time prayer.  We are carefully teaching her that she can pray for more than just her food, although we do not want to discourage her and make her feel like she is praying "wrong".  It is precious to hear even the simplest of prayers from our children.  Lynnsie, too, likes to say her own prayer.  She says, "Thank you, Jesus.  Amen."  Such sweet prayers from sweet babies.
  After prayers, again it's a "who's turn is it for daddy?" and they get to be rocked by daddy that night.  I get to rock the other one :)  But always, always, always...Jacob goes and snuggles with Anna Beth in her bed for a few minutes and then sneaks back into Lynnsie's room for a quick kiss on the noggin'. 
  So, bed time is my favorite time of the day - not only because it means I can crash, too - but because so much goes on with our family at that time.  A lot of teaching, a lot of learning, and a whole lot of loving.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Fishin'

  We've joined our local gym.  And by local, I mean it's like 200 yards from our house...maybe 300.  I've been taking the girls up there to play in the mornings while I walk on the treadmill and listen/watch CMT country music videos.  I'm a sucker for a good country song, but add a great video with it and I am helpless!!  Add to that my hyper-emotional state due to my pregnancy and you come very near to ending up with a sobbing mess of a pregnant woman on the treadmill at Crossgates.  This near experience this morning...
  One of my most favorite new country songs is by Trace Adkins and it's called "Just Fishin' ".  Have you heard it?  Even if you're not a country music fan, at least look up the lyrics - if you've ever been a little girl who adored and still adores her daddy, you're a daddy to a little girl, you have a little girl who adores her daddy, or you're married to to a daddy who adores his little girls.  The song is precious and priceless. 
  The song is about a fishing trip a daddy takes his little girl on.  They're talking and having a good time, not really having much luck catching a fish at first.  The little girl thinks all they're doing is fishing, but the daddy knows that so much more is going on.  He's building and strengthening that relationship he has with his little girl.  He's savoring the short amount of time he will have with her to teach her and have her undivided attention.  He is making memories with her that will last them both a lifetime.  And the video is perfect for it...a little brown haired girl walking hand in hand with her pink fishing pole and summer dress, down to the pond, casting her line over and over again.  You can see her talking away and the love in her daddy's eyes.
  So why do I love this song so much?!  It's not just because I'm a big Trace Adkins fan.  It's because it's all true.  Daddy's are so special to their little girls...and little boys, too.  I remember my one and only fishing trip with my dad.  We went to a pond in my granddads field, cast our line once, it broke, we headed home.  Did I care that we didn't catch a fish? Absolutely not.  Why? Because I was with my daddy and that was all that mattered.
  And now I am married to a man who is the same way with his children.  Right now, Anna Beth and Lynnsie - and soon, Creek, too - will think they're just deer or pig hunting or fishing or throwing the ball in the backyard, but Jacob knows that so much more is going on.  He knows he's showing his love to them and he is making memories with them while he can.  He's using precious and invaluable time to teach them. 
  And they'll think they're just fishin'...

Monday, June 13, 2011

We're Havin' a Par-tay....

  The girls had their very first "friend" birthday party this past Saturday.  The location..."Donald's", as Lynnsie would say with a very serious look, her lips puckered out, and a sharp nod of the head.  I decided a couple of months ago to combine their birthday parties this year.  My intent was to have it mid-summer, like July, halfway in between each of their birthdays.  However, when I started to look at our July - it was deemed impossible.  Then I had to decide, June - closer to AB's birthday or September - closer to Lynnsie's birthday.  Given average temperatures for each month and the week of pregnancy I would be in for each....we went with June.  My reason for combining their party?  I did not want to risk having Lynnsie's in September, only to have it disrupted or postponed by Creek's early arrival...thus having to replan a birthday party with a newborn.  Lynnsie, if you are reading this - someday you will understand!  And, no worries, we will still celebrate with a special family day on September 5.
  Originally, I wanted to have a water party in our backyard.  Then I came to my senses when I realized a) it's hot outside, b) we have no shade, c) lots of toddlers may come running through my house to go potty, and d) it is HOT outside!!!!  So, Mickey D's it was!!
  Anna Beth had: Sara, Callie, Cameron, and Kenzie.
  Lynnsie had: Seth, Christian, Eli, and Tucker (she doesn't have any "girl" friends...if she plays her cards right, she will have her "pick" of boyfriends MUCH later in life!)
  The Playland was a great hit not only for the girls, but all the kids.  I mean, why not, right?
They each got to sit on the Birthday Throne to open their presents.  For every present, Lynnsie said, "For me? Oh, wow. How cute!"  Where does she get such phrases?
Anna Beth was super excited opening her presents, too!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Faces

I love taking close up pictures of my kids.  They have the sweetest faces.  You just never know what kind of sweet face you're going to capture when you get the camera out:

They make you smile, they make you laugh ... they make you never forget them.

Her First Set of Wheels

  For her second birthday, Jacob got Anna Beth a purple and pink tricycle.  And for the last year, she has loved "riding" it...Flintstone style, that is.  Jacob would work with her, trying to teach her how to push the pedals.  Well, today was the day it all clicked for her:

Notice the license plate...

  Jacob was outside with her when she "got it".  She came running inside jumping and clapping and talking in her really, high-pitched, excited voice telling me "rode her bicycle with the pedals!"  I took these pictures later in the day.  When I showed them to Jacob, he said we should print out this last one and save it for when she's "driving away to..." - he stopped there and I told him not to say anything else like that ever again! 
  Look out world...she's got her first set of wheels!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pay Attention, Mommy!!

  You know how, as moms, we get really good at blocking or tuning things out?  We learn that we don't need to jump and run to every squeal or whine, to wait just a second to see if what sounds like the beginning of a sibling squabble will work itself out or if mom's intervention is needed, and, of course, those tantrums they insist on having sometimes.  We learn to only listen for the REAL ones.  And then, inevitably, it runs over into being able to "listen" and "talk" to our kids while they tell us about the big horse in their bedroom that is wearing a purple skirt while we are trying to get dinner in the oven so everyone can eat (and get in bed!) on time.  We get really good offering a few "wow"'s, "really" 's, and "oh, yeah" 's while we flash a quick smile in between measuring ingredients - or scooping out soybutter for sandwiches :)  I admit, I do these things daily.
  As all things in parenting usually do, it caught up with me the other day at Wal-Mart.  Anna Beth was sitting in big part of the buggy, singing away as she usually does, and Lynnsie was sitting in the seat facing me.  We had come to Wal-Mart to get 7 things...a 15-minutes-max kind of trip.  I found the first 6 items within 10 minutes of being in the store...25 minutes after arriving at the store, I was still looking for item #7.  A Red Barron brand chicken alfredo was that night's dinner and I was not leaving without it.
  I walked around the frozen food section forEVER trying to find it and I just kept passing it up somehow.  Meanwhile, Lynnsie starts saying, "Mommy." I say, "What, Lynnsie?" without ever looking away from the glass doors, my eyes scanning every product for the third time in hopes of finally finding our dinner.  She says it again, a little louder, "Mommy!".  I said, again, "What Lynnsie?"...still looking at the glass doors.  Three more times she says this and gets a little louder and I answer in the same way, a little more irritation in my voice each time.  Finally, she says, "Mommy, mommy!" and I stop, look at her and say "What, Lynnsie?" in my I-am-trying-to-be-patient-but-you-keep-saying-my-name-over-and-over-again-while-I-am-trying-to-find-our-dinner voice. 
  She's looking up at me.  She smiles.  She says, "I wanna a tiss."  Lynnsie translation: "I want a kiss."  She puckers up.  My heart melts.  My eyes fill with tears.  I lean down and give her a "tiss".  She smiles.  She says, "Thanks." She starts waving at the others passing by.  I look up and see the Red Barron Chicken Alfredo.
  The point...I shouldn't practice my "tuning out" skills quite so often.  I could've gotten that sweet little "tiss" a lot sooner. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Go To The Movies

  Our local movie theatre has a summer kids program.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, they show a kids movie that is a couple of years old.  Entrance is only $3 and that includes a small popcorn and drink.  When was the last time a family of four went to the movies - and got a snack - for $12?!?!  My guess would be 50 years ago.
  Jacob was off today, so we decided to try out the summer movie...with a barely 3 year old and an almost 2 year old.  The movie was How to Train a Dragon.  I thought we were going to leave in the first few minutes because, to me, it seemed a bit scary for small kids - but they were both doing fine so we stayed.  AB sat in her own chair, just like a big girl while Lynns snuggled into her daddy's lap.  This was the scene for about an hour - which I was quite impressed with.
  However, an hour was just about Lynnsie's limit.  She wanted out of daddy's lap and into my lap.  Then she wanted back in daddy's lap.  Then she wanted to stand.  Then back into my lap.  And so on and so on.  She was pretty quiet with this arrangement for about 15 minutes...and she was done.  Just as the movie was at "that point"...I had to run down the stairs with her, praying I wouldn't miss one and send us both tumbling.
  4 boxes of popcorn later -none of which were eaten by Jacob and I - we were worn out!!  I don't think I'll complain anymore about expensive movie tickets because the cheaper ones are exhausting!!  I definitely think our first family trip to the movies was enjoyable overall, but it may be a while before it is repeated :)