Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Much, Too Soon

  "Too much, too soon."  I just kept thinking that over and over as I went to get my camera.  Are we really "here" with our kids?  It's hard to believe, but apparently we are:

  She's not in her crib anymore.  She's in a real bed for real little girls.  Last night was the first night she slept in it and she asked to sleep in it.  It has been in her room for 2 weeks and, I will admit, I put off trying to put her in there.  I secretly hoped she would wake up in the night and ask to get back in her crib, but she did not.  The night went perfectly.  She didn't fall out nor did she find herself hanging upside down on her back, half in the bed and half out.  No "funny" pictures to show...just my sweet, tiny little Lynnsie sleeping in her big girl bed.  Too much, too soon, I tell ya!


  1. It is definitely a "How did we get here?" moment. I'm glad Dog was there to help with the transition. I'm sure he made all the difference. :)

  2. Dog makes EVERYTHING better!!