Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Stormy Night

  I love writing about the wonderful things that Jacob does as a daddy.  They just might be my favorites.  So, here goes another one...
  A while back, he noticed something was wrong with his truck.  He poked and prodded around, took it to the shop for confirmation, and decided what it was that needed to be fixed.  Since then, we've been waiting on a good time for him to take what seems like the whole front of his truck a part and fix it.  We knew this would be a 2 day, at least process.  So, this was the week that it worked out for him to get all of the parts ordered and finally get the truck fixed. 
  He spent Monday morning ordering and buying all of the parts he needed and making sure he had all of the right tools and then went to work on it.  He worked from about 1pm until 9pm or so.  Then Tuesday came...and it was stormy off and on all day.  He was stressing that he wasn't going to get it fixed in time to be able to drive it to work on Wednesday.  But, alas, he got it fixed as he ran out between thunderstorms and worked on it - sometimes even in the downpour. 
  Today, Wednesday, he said he needed on more part that he could pick up after work and put on there.  He got home early from work and worked on his truck for a while then took a break to shower and go to church.  Now for the really sweet part :)
  When we picked the girls up from their Wednesday night programs, Anna Beth was very excited because she had colored Jacob and I both a pineapple.  She held them on the way home, as she got out of the car, and came into the house.  The whole way home, it was lightening and it was quite evident that a storm was close.  After getting the girls in the house, Anna Beth asked if she could put our pictures on the refrigerator.  I knew Jacob was in a hurry to get changed and get to work on his truck before the rain and so he could get in bed soon.  But he stood so patiently beside her, holding the papers up on the fridge and she put about a dozen alphabet magnets all around each one - figuring out precisely where it should go.  He was never impatient, he never told her to hurry, he never even got in a hurry - he let her place her beautiful pineapple pictures on our fridge.  I wish I could have captured the smile she looked up and gave him when she was done...and the look in his eye as he looked down at her and smiled back.  He is one special daddy and my kids are some very special and blessed kids to have him.

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