Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Fishin'

  We've joined our local gym.  And by local, I mean it's like 200 yards from our house...maybe 300.  I've been taking the girls up there to play in the mornings while I walk on the treadmill and listen/watch CMT country music videos.  I'm a sucker for a good country song, but add a great video with it and I am helpless!!  Add to that my hyper-emotional state due to my pregnancy and you come very near to ending up with a sobbing mess of a pregnant woman on the treadmill at Crossgates.  This near experience this morning...
  One of my most favorite new country songs is by Trace Adkins and it's called "Just Fishin' ".  Have you heard it?  Even if you're not a country music fan, at least look up the lyrics - if you've ever been a little girl who adored and still adores her daddy, you're a daddy to a little girl, you have a little girl who adores her daddy, or you're married to to a daddy who adores his little girls.  The song is precious and priceless. 
  The song is about a fishing trip a daddy takes his little girl on.  They're talking and having a good time, not really having much luck catching a fish at first.  The little girl thinks all they're doing is fishing, but the daddy knows that so much more is going on.  He's building and strengthening that relationship he has with his little girl.  He's savoring the short amount of time he will have with her to teach her and have her undivided attention.  He is making memories with her that will last them both a lifetime.  And the video is perfect for it...a little brown haired girl walking hand in hand with her pink fishing pole and summer dress, down to the pond, casting her line over and over again.  You can see her talking away and the love in her daddy's eyes.
  So why do I love this song so much?!  It's not just because I'm a big Trace Adkins fan.  It's because it's all true.  Daddy's are so special to their little girls...and little boys, too.  I remember my one and only fishing trip with my dad.  We went to a pond in my granddads field, cast our line once, it broke, we headed home.  Did I care that we didn't catch a fish? Absolutely not.  Why? Because I was with my daddy and that was all that mattered.
  And now I am married to a man who is the same way with his children.  Right now, Anna Beth and Lynnsie - and soon, Creek, too - will think they're just deer or pig hunting or fishing or throwing the ball in the backyard, but Jacob knows that so much more is going on.  He knows he's showing his love to them and he is making memories with them while he can.  He's using precious and invaluable time to teach them. 
  And they'll think they're just fishin'...

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