Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Go To The Movies

  Our local movie theatre has a summer kids program.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, they show a kids movie that is a couple of years old.  Entrance is only $3 and that includes a small popcorn and drink.  When was the last time a family of four went to the movies - and got a snack - for $12?!?!  My guess would be 50 years ago.
  Jacob was off today, so we decided to try out the summer movie...with a barely 3 year old and an almost 2 year old.  The movie was How to Train a Dragon.  I thought we were going to leave in the first few minutes because, to me, it seemed a bit scary for small kids - but they were both doing fine so we stayed.  AB sat in her own chair, just like a big girl while Lynns snuggled into her daddy's lap.  This was the scene for about an hour - which I was quite impressed with.
  However, an hour was just about Lynnsie's limit.  She wanted out of daddy's lap and into my lap.  Then she wanted back in daddy's lap.  Then she wanted to stand.  Then back into my lap.  And so on and so on.  She was pretty quiet with this arrangement for about 15 minutes...and she was done.  Just as the movie was at "that point"...I had to run down the stairs with her, praying I wouldn't miss one and send us both tumbling.
  4 boxes of popcorn later -none of which were eaten by Jacob and I - we were worn out!!  I don't think I'll complain anymore about expensive movie tickets because the cheaper ones are exhausting!!  I definitely think our first family trip to the movies was enjoyable overall, but it may be a while before it is repeated :)

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