Monday, June 6, 2011

Her First Set of Wheels

  For her second birthday, Jacob got Anna Beth a purple and pink tricycle.  And for the last year, she has loved "riding" it...Flintstone style, that is.  Jacob would work with her, trying to teach her how to push the pedals.  Well, today was the day it all clicked for her:

Notice the license plate...

  Jacob was outside with her when she "got it".  She came running inside jumping and clapping and talking in her really, high-pitched, excited voice telling me "rode her bicycle with the pedals!"  I took these pictures later in the day.  When I showed them to Jacob, he said we should print out this last one and save it for when she's "driving away to..." - he stopped there and I told him not to say anything else like that ever again! 
  Look out world...she's got her first set of wheels!!

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