Monday, June 13, 2011

We're Havin' a Par-tay....

  The girls had their very first "friend" birthday party this past Saturday.  The location..."Donald's", as Lynnsie would say with a very serious look, her lips puckered out, and a sharp nod of the head.  I decided a couple of months ago to combine their birthday parties this year.  My intent was to have it mid-summer, like July, halfway in between each of their birthdays.  However, when I started to look at our July - it was deemed impossible.  Then I had to decide, June - closer to AB's birthday or September - closer to Lynnsie's birthday.  Given average temperatures for each month and the week of pregnancy I would be in for each....we went with June.  My reason for combining their party?  I did not want to risk having Lynnsie's in September, only to have it disrupted or postponed by Creek's early arrival...thus having to replan a birthday party with a newborn.  Lynnsie, if you are reading this - someday you will understand!  And, no worries, we will still celebrate with a special family day on September 5.
  Originally, I wanted to have a water party in our backyard.  Then I came to my senses when I realized a) it's hot outside, b) we have no shade, c) lots of toddlers may come running through my house to go potty, and d) it is HOT outside!!!!  So, Mickey D's it was!!
  Anna Beth had: Sara, Callie, Cameron, and Kenzie.
  Lynnsie had: Seth, Christian, Eli, and Tucker (she doesn't have any "girl" friends...if she plays her cards right, she will have her "pick" of boyfriends MUCH later in life!)
  The Playland was a great hit not only for the girls, but all the kids.  I mean, why not, right?
They each got to sit on the Birthday Throne to open their presents.  For every present, Lynnsie said, "For me? Oh, wow. How cute!"  Where does she get such phrases?
Anna Beth was super excited opening her presents, too!!

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  1. Well, this is just dandy! I was thinking just the other day, since I missed making AB a birthday present, I would go ahead and make something for Lynnsie and send them together for their "in between" birthday. We're the same kind of clever, you and I! :)