Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Pink Toes

  The background story:  I bought some awesome new nail polish -Electric Pink - for this spring and painted my toe nails, ultimately leading AB to ask me to paint hers.  "Of course!" I told her.  This was our first "mommy/daughter pedi"...I was proud to do it.  So, that Sunday morning (yes, a Sunday morning) while AB was eating her breakfast, I painted her toe nails.  See the finished product below:
  Our conversation this morning:
  Me: "Anna Beth, you need to put your socks and shoes on so we can leave for school."
  AB: "Ok, mommy."
  She comes back with her "flop-flops" on.
  Me: "No, Anna Beth, you have to wear your socks and shoes, you can't wear your flip flops to school."
  AB: "But, mommy, if I wear my shoes nobody will see my pretty pink toes!"

She's such a girl...and I love it!!

Just when I...

Just when I....

* pick the toys up out of the floor, they cover the floor with them again.
* get their lunch ready, they decide they're not hungry.
* mop the floor, they spill their milk.
* finish the laundry, they fall down in the mud.
* change their diaper, they poop.
* want to pull my hair out, they bring me happy tears.
* tuck them into bed, they get up again.
* start to eat my supper, they need help with theirs.
* get them settled down, they cry again.
* sit down to take a breath, their world seems to fall apart.
* warn them about running in the house, they fall down and "bunk" their head.
* get them out the door, they have to go potty.
* think they're not watching, the imitate my very words and actions.
* take them to the park to play, it starts to rain.
* put a new roll of toilet paper out, they completely unroll it.
* get everything set up to fingerpaint, they decide they want to do something else.
* blink....they'll be all grown up and these things won't seem like that big of a deal.

Friday, March 25, 2011

When It's Way Too Quiet

  I was cooking supper one night and was just thinking to myself, 'The girls are playing so good together right now."  There were no cries, squeals, or any other indications that a potential injury was about to occur or a favorite toy and had just been hijacked.  I finished up supper and got it in the oven and went to join in on the fun.  The "fun" was this:

  The tears started when she realized they just might have been doing something they weren't supposed to.  It was another one of those times where, there was a huge mess to clean up and it was just better to laugh than I realized a bath had to taken before supper and there really wasn't enough time for that.
  What happened was....AB decided to "help" me get Lynnsie ready for bed by putting her lotion on her.  Only, it wasn't the Johnson and Johnson's lotion, it was Eucerin lotion.  You know, that really, super thick lotion that you have to really rub into your skin and it doesn't just wipe off.  She had it on her face - as you can see - her hands, arms, and her feet.  I can't tell you how many times I almost dropped Lynnsie in the tub...she was so slick and she was sliding around everywhere!!  But, in the end, all was well and it was a "little thing" I just had to blog about.  The mess was cleaned up, supper was eaten, and Lynnsie had exceptionally moisturized skin for about a week!

A Quick Morning Bath

  We always do baths at bedtime...between supper and that great time of day when we tuck them into bed before we crash in exhaustion ourselves!!!  However, one morning last week called for a quick morning bath.  It became a need about 10 minutes before we were supposed to walk out the door...of course, why wouldn't it, right?  I still needed to dress Lynnsie, myself, and do my make-up.  So, here's what happened:
  I asked AB to bring me the hairbrush so I could put her hair in a "pokeytail" - her word for ponytail.  She had been gone too long to just get the brush, so I went to bathroom and found her at the sink, with the hairbrush.  She told me she was washing the brush for me.  This made sense because sometimes I have to run the brush under the water and then run it through her hair, to dampen her hair so it will go into a "pokeytail" easier.  I thanked her and told her that was good enough and started brushing her hair.  I had run the brush through her hair several times when I noticed there was soap all in her hair.  That is when I looked closer at the brush and found that she had REALLY washed the brush for me...what a good little helper she is sometimes :)  I tried hanging her over the sink, which was quite a sight, to rinse out her hair but she just wouldn't reach without possible injury to us both.  So, I striped her down real quick, and put her in the tub where I just ran the water over her head!!
  Sweet girl was so confused...when I got her out and dried off, she said - in a most confused voice - 'It's time for bed now.' 
  PS - We still made it out the door on time :)

Are we washing bellies tonight?

  I love teachable know, those times where you realize that whatever is happening, there is a lesson to be taught/learned.  The problem with me and teachable moments is, most of the time they are long gone before I realize there ever was one!! But, the other night, I saw it right away!  Well, rather, God opened my eyes and said, 'Hello....don't let this pass up, too!'
  We have a little game that we play most nights as supper is ending and we are getting ready for bath.  Some time ago, Anna Beth started asking if we were "washing bellies tonight".  Meaning, are we taking a bath.  She asks if we're washing hair, bellies, arms, legs, and, yes, "booties".  It is very cute and fun!!
  So we were in the bathroom and I was getting the water ready, AB was going "potty" and Lynns was running around naked...dangerous for an un-potty trained toddler, I know.  AB said, "Are we washing hair tonight?"  I told her yes.  She said, "Are we washing bellies?" and again, I said told her yes.  Then she says, "Are we washing hearts tonight, mommy?".  I said (in a "silly voice"), "How can we wash your's inside you?"  She says, "Can God wash my heart?"
  BAM...teachable moment.  I told her that yes, God could wash her heart.  I asked her how her heart got dirty and she said she didn't know.  I told her that when we do things that make God sad - like not listening to mommy and daddy, not being nice to our friends, taking toys away, etc. - it makes our heart dirty and that dirt is called "sin".  I told her that God loves us so much, that He gave us Jesus so He could wash our hearts and make them clean.  She seemed satisfied with this answer and, typical of a 2 1/2 year old, moved onto something else.  I think it was at this point she asked if we were washing "booties" tonight. :)
  It was so awesome, though, to be able to tell her about how much God loves us.  I know there is so much more to talk with her about and we definitely will as she gets older and wants to know more about Jesus and how to have a clean heart and just to what extent He went to to show us how much He loves us.  I was so thankful that God did not allow me to be so wrapped up in the bedtime routine that I missed this moment.  I pray and I wait for the day that she asks God, "Can we wash hearts tonight?"

Mommy's Little Helpers

  Both of my girls are in a stage where they love to help.  If I am sweeping the floor, then one of them has their toy broom and the other has the toy vacuum and they are cleaning the floor, too.  I've often times caught them getting wipes off the changing table and wiping down all of their furniture.  Or if I am doing laundry, they love to help me "fold" the clothes.  And you know what, I leave them "folded" in just the way they put them. Anna Beth really loves to help me take care of Lynnsie...sometimes this is a problem when Lynnsie doesn't feel like being "mothered' in Anna Beth's 2 year old way :) It is sweet, though, having them both be so helpful to me and to each other. 
  As I watch them "help" me in so many ways throughout the day, God really reminds me that He has me with them for a purpose. His purpose.  I don't mean has me as their mom, I mean, He has me staying home with them every day for a purpose.  I go through a phase from time to time, where I'm like, 'Lord, really, you brough us down here, I spent 3 years in school to get my Master's, I love working with children, and right now you have me "not working". " Well, anyone who's ever been a mom knows that there is no "not working"'s a LOT of work!!
  But then, like I said, God reminds me that He has me home with them for a purpose.  What better children to "work" with than my own? What better children to use my Masters in Christian/Children Education than my own? And so many "wiser" moms have told me - stay home if you can, because your kids won't stay home for long.  And they tell me to cherish these years at home....sometimes I want to tell them to come cherish my years at home with 2 toddlers! 
  Seriously, though, I love it.  There are days, yes, where I've told Jacob I was going to the local McDonald's because they are always hiring and at least it will get me out of the house! But the truth is, God has me home with them for a very special purpose.  I am teaching them. I am helping them grow. I am watching two of the most fascinating little people on the earth (ok, maybe I'm partial) develop their talents, skills, and personalities and I get to watch them learn and figure things out.  I once heard that some graduate programs require their students to pay big bucks to observe toddlers for a few days because so much can be learned from them...and I get to do it for free!!!
  But God also reminds me, that I am training them up in Him.  And He has a purpose for their lives.  So what if I never get to fulfill my "dream job".  I may be raising the next two Annie Armstrong's or Lottie Moon's!! Now wouldn't that make a momma proud?  I don't know what God's plan is for my children, but I know it's big and wonderful.  And right now, I get to be a part of it.  I see them do so many little things throughout the day and I think, " could that come into play later in their life?"
  This is not to say that I am never going to "work" full-time or that if God brings a great job to me where I can work from home, that I won't take long as it doesn't interfere with my getting to see the little things each day.  But I just know that I am happy and content being my kids mommy :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

That's Jesus!!

  I had the girls in Maley's room - where I sleep at my parent's house - getting them dressed a few mornings ago.  Maley played soccer all through high school and her walls are still decorated with soccer plaques and things of that nature.  She also has this figurine that her youth minister gave is of Jesus playing soccer with some little kids.  To my knowledge, neither of my girls have ever really seen or paid attention to this figurine that is way up on the wall.  He does look like many of the images she has seen in Bible stories we read to her at home.
  So, while I have them in there dressing them, Lynnsie looks up and points and says, 'That's Jesus.'  I stopped, looked at her, and followed her eyes and her finger to where she was pointing and it looked like she was focused on this figurine.  I thought, 'Seriously? How in the world...?'  Just to be sure, I got it down and asked her if this was what she was looking at.  She touched Jesus' face and said, 'That's Jesus.'  I teared up.  And I thought, and prayed, 'Lord, please help her to always recognize Jesus.  Not just images or figurines of Him, but as He works in the hearts and lives of her and others around her and as He takes care of and provides for her.  Mostly, let her recognize Him as her Savior.'

Funny side note: AB wanted to know why 'Jesus is playing soccer in flip flops!'

Mommy, I got make-ups!!

  When we come to stay at my parents house, Anna Beth sleeps in my sister, Maci's, bed.  Sometimes, Maci packs her bag and spends the night out here with us.  Now, Maci knows the basics of babyproofing, but sometimes it's just not enough.  Like, simply putting your make-up bag in your bright pink overnight bag is simply not enough when the pretty pink bag is going to be in the same room as the supposed-to-be-nappying 2 year old. 
  I heard Anna Beth get up from her nap on Thursday afternoon, so I go into the room to get her.  I see her...I am in shock...and I just start laughing.  I can't even talk.  I'm trying to be serious, but it's impossible.  She smiles and says, 'Mommy, I got make-ups!'  This is what I saw:

  I mean, really, who can resist a smile with this look!!  Oh, and her special sock dog and several of Maci's pandas had the same great look!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Paging Dr. Coleman

  So, I have wanted to post this for weeks, but I really haven't post much because I have not felt well.  Today is sort of catch up day. 
  I am now 10 1/2 weeeks pregnant with Baby #3 and into my 5th week of nausea. Yuck.  I can't tell you how many times over the past several weeks my kids have heard "Mommy's belly hurts."  AB has started asking me first thing in the morning if my belly was hurting.  Hear me, though - I am NOT complaining.  Being sick means I am still pregnant and my baby is growing! However, I do not want to linger in this stage and would love it if it would pass quickly.
  During this time, Anna Beth has sort taken the role of being my doctor at home.  I've said before, she is such a "mothering" type of child - it is precious!!  The first day that I wasn't feeling well, she brought her little toy doctor kit over to the couch where I was laying down.  She checked my blood pressure and listened to my heart. Then she took her little toy thermometer and said she would check my temperature.  The funny part to this is, the toy thermometer is the kind you put in your mouth and the kind I use with them is one you run across their forehead.  So, I opened my mouth for her to take my temperature and she gave me that "Mommy, what are you doing? Close your mouth." look.  I laughed as I immediately realized why she was confused.  Then she took the "mouth" thermometer and ran it across my forehead.  She said I was sick and that my belly hurt (thanks for confirming, Dr.).  She put a band-aid on my arm, kissed my nose and said I was all better. How I wish it was that easy!!
  Over the weeks, she has prescribed soup, cereal, and hot dogs for me to eat to help my hurting belly.  These are funny things and stories, but it really shows what a compassionate and loving child she is.  It's just another glimpse into who God has created her to be and what she will become with His direction.  And, again, I am thankful to be a part of it.

The Girls Meet Mr. Chuck E. Cheese

  It's the place...where a kid can be a kid.  And a grown up can be a kid, too, as I found out this past Friday.  It was a super nasty day outside, my dad had the day off, and an all-day meeting my mom had scheduled was cancelled, so Gram and Papa loaded the girls (and me and Maci, too) up in the car and we headed for Chuck E. Cheese's.  I overheard my mom say at some point, that she had been wanting to do this since May 25, 2008...the day AB was born.
  The trip was quite humorous starting off.  There were 6 of us going and we all drive 5 passenger vehicles.  So we borrowed my grandparents Empala that had a middle seat up front.  We loaded up with me in the middle in the back, between the girls.  Then I decided that wasn't a good idea in case I got car sick.  So Maci got back there and, in the process of climbing over Lynnsie, mom decided to move the front seat back, ultimately knocking Maci over and nearly smishing Lynnsie ("smish" is a term our family uses).  All was well.  I ended up in the middle of the front seat. 
  We get just down the road and Dad realizes he didn't pick up the camera.  Now, you know grandparents can't go anywhere without the camera, but it especially has to be taken on the first trip to Chuck E. Cheese's!  When AB realized we were headed home, she asks "Why are we going to Gram's house?" We jokingly tell her the trip is over.  She looks at us like we are crazy.  Then she smile and says, "I wanna go again."  Too funny.  We are crying-laughing at this point.
  We finally get to Chuck E. Cheese's!! I must say, I was quite impressed with 2 things: 1) the child-security they now hae and 2) they got rid of that disgusting ball pit...ew!!  Lots and lots and lots of tokens were purchased for the games and little "rides" they had for the younger ones.  Lynnsie was her normal, mellow self and just kind-of took it all in for a while.  She mostly enjoyed the little rides.  I think there was a Clifford the Big Red Dog, an old car with one of the CE.C characters in it, and then a red convertible where you could sit beside Mr. Chuck E. Cheese - and it even took your picture!  She also really liked watching the "show" up on the stage.
  AB was very funny most of the time.  She would start a game and while me or mom or dad were helping her, she would lose interest and move to another game...with someone following her, of course, and someone finishing up the game.  Can you please just try to imagine 3 adults trying to play a game that is developed and sized for children 4 and under?  I would have laughed at us!
  Of course, the adults got into the fun, too.  We played lots of ski ball...but it's called something else now.  I tried to show AB how to play and even let her stand up on it, but she really didn't grasp the concept of rolling the was launched several times and I was sure we were going to crack the hard plastic window that protected the buckets at the top of the game.  Oh, and they even have this HUGE Operation Game...remember that game?  Maci played it, but I never made it to that one.
  The show still goes on....complete with Justin Bieber songs and other tweenie singers who I have no idea who they are.  And the pizza.  Oh, the pizza.  The pizza is worth every token and penny spent!  At the end of the night, the girls ended up with a rubber ball (that's not so good for bouncing), a purple bracelet, and some nerf-style rocket thing.  I would say we made it out of there with a minimal amount of "junk" and a wealth of laughter and good memories!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Wanna Go Home

  Every year during Mardi Gras season, Jacob has to work a ridiculous amount of mandatory overtime.  I'm definitely not complaining about the over time check, but we don't see him for about a week to ten days.  So, we make the most of this time and head to Gram and Papa's (my parents) in Tennessee.  This year, we left about a week earlier than we had planned and will spend two weeks, instead of one, in Tennessee due intense nausea Baby #3 enjoys gracing me with every day. 
  Monday night, after our first full day here, I did the usual bedtime routine with the girls.  As I tucked Anna Beth in, she said 'I don't want to sleep in Maci's bed.' I asked her where she wanted to sleep and she said, 'I wanna to go my house and sleep in my bed.'  I told her Monkey was in her bed at her house taking care of it and we would go home next week and she could sleep in her bed.  She seemed okay with this and went on to bed.  Then, on Tuesday evening, just before supper, she climbed into my lap and said, 'I wanna go home.'
  Hearing her say this made me a little sad and I didn't want it to hurt my mom or dad's feelings.  I really wasn't sure where this was coming from - she had been talking for weeks about coming to Gram and Papa's house and was so excited in the days leading up to leaving.
  I was talking to my mom about it after getting the girls in bed and my mom said, 'Doesn't it make you feel good that home is a place she wants to be?'  I immediately said yes, but then after I went to bed, I really thought more about that.  And you know what, it makes me VERY happy that home is a place my child wants to be.
  Jacob and I work hard to make sure our home is full of love, happiness, and security - all starting with a foundation of Christ.  Our home isn't always neat and tidy....I'm usually behind on the laundry and there are at least a few toys out on a daily basis.  Sometimes I do frozen pizza for lunch and grilled cheese for supper.  Right now, I'm pretty sure I need to dust.  So, our house isn't perfect, but our home is somewhere my child wants to be and I really couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She's Ready To Go Hunting

  These were Jacob's first words after he got the video text of Lynnsie (finally!) walking earlier today.  Yes, she is will be 18 months old on Saturday and she is just now walking :)  He said she couldn't go hunting until she learned to walk.  I'm not sure why those words were a sweet surprise to me, but they were.
  Jacob talks non-stop about taking his little girls hunting.  He's already taken Anna Beth pig and deer hunting quite a bit...most of the time at AB's request!!  It is a very precious, sight, though - to see a daddy bundle his little girl up in camouflage - with a pink hat and boots - and get everything ready for a hunt that probably isn't going to be productive (due to the age and energy level of his hunting partnet). 
  But that's what he does, because that is the wonderful kind of daddy that he is.  He lets his little girls into his world - the world that he likes to go to when he needs to relax and do "man stuff".  And, like I said before, I don't know why those words were a sweet surprise, but I really don't know of anything that he could have said that would've been any sweeter.