Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Pink Toes

  The background story:  I bought some awesome new nail polish -Electric Pink - for this spring and painted my toe nails, ultimately leading AB to ask me to paint hers.  "Of course!" I told her.  This was our first "mommy/daughter pedi"...I was proud to do it.  So, that Sunday morning (yes, a Sunday morning) while AB was eating her breakfast, I painted her toe nails.  See the finished product below:
  Our conversation this morning:
  Me: "Anna Beth, you need to put your socks and shoes on so we can leave for school."
  AB: "Ok, mommy."
  She comes back with her "flop-flops" on.
  Me: "No, Anna Beth, you have to wear your socks and shoes, you can't wear your flip flops to school."
  AB: "But, mommy, if I wear my shoes nobody will see my pretty pink toes!"

She's such a girl...and I love it!!

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