Monday, March 7, 2011

Paging Dr. Coleman

  So, I have wanted to post this for weeks, but I really haven't post much because I have not felt well.  Today is sort of catch up day. 
  I am now 10 1/2 weeeks pregnant with Baby #3 and into my 5th week of nausea. Yuck.  I can't tell you how many times over the past several weeks my kids have heard "Mommy's belly hurts."  AB has started asking me first thing in the morning if my belly was hurting.  Hear me, though - I am NOT complaining.  Being sick means I am still pregnant and my baby is growing! However, I do not want to linger in this stage and would love it if it would pass quickly.
  During this time, Anna Beth has sort taken the role of being my doctor at home.  I've said before, she is such a "mothering" type of child - it is precious!!  The first day that I wasn't feeling well, she brought her little toy doctor kit over to the couch where I was laying down.  She checked my blood pressure and listened to my heart. Then she took her little toy thermometer and said she would check my temperature.  The funny part to this is, the toy thermometer is the kind you put in your mouth and the kind I use with them is one you run across their forehead.  So, I opened my mouth for her to take my temperature and she gave me that "Mommy, what are you doing? Close your mouth." look.  I laughed as I immediately realized why she was confused.  Then she took the "mouth" thermometer and ran it across my forehead.  She said I was sick and that my belly hurt (thanks for confirming, Dr.).  She put a band-aid on my arm, kissed my nose and said I was all better. How I wish it was that easy!!
  Over the weeks, she has prescribed soup, cereal, and hot dogs for me to eat to help my hurting belly.  These are funny things and stories, but it really shows what a compassionate and loving child she is.  It's just another glimpse into who God has created her to be and what she will become with His direction.  And, again, I am thankful to be a part of it.

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  1. Night before last I didn't sleep well (or enough) and yesterday I was so exhausted that I broke down in tears, begging Ginny to take a nap so I could take one, too. She brought me a tissue, and patted me and told me it was okay, I didn't have to be sad. I told her sometimes grown-ups need to be taken care of, too, and thanked her for taking care of me. We have such sweet children!