Friday, March 25, 2011

A Quick Morning Bath

  We always do baths at bedtime...between supper and that great time of day when we tuck them into bed before we crash in exhaustion ourselves!!!  However, one morning last week called for a quick morning bath.  It became a need about 10 minutes before we were supposed to walk out the door...of course, why wouldn't it, right?  I still needed to dress Lynnsie, myself, and do my make-up.  So, here's what happened:
  I asked AB to bring me the hairbrush so I could put her hair in a "pokeytail" - her word for ponytail.  She had been gone too long to just get the brush, so I went to bathroom and found her at the sink, with the hairbrush.  She told me she was washing the brush for me.  This made sense because sometimes I have to run the brush under the water and then run it through her hair, to dampen her hair so it will go into a "pokeytail" easier.  I thanked her and told her that was good enough and started brushing her hair.  I had run the brush through her hair several times when I noticed there was soap all in her hair.  That is when I looked closer at the brush and found that she had REALLY washed the brush for me...what a good little helper she is sometimes :)  I tried hanging her over the sink, which was quite a sight, to rinse out her hair but she just wouldn't reach without possible injury to us both.  So, I striped her down real quick, and put her in the tub where I just ran the water over her head!!
  Sweet girl was so confused...when I got her out and dried off, she said - in a most confused voice - 'It's time for bed now.' 
  PS - We still made it out the door on time :)

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