Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just when I...

Just when I....

* pick the toys up out of the floor, they cover the floor with them again.
* get their lunch ready, they decide they're not hungry.
* mop the floor, they spill their milk.
* finish the laundry, they fall down in the mud.
* change their diaper, they poop.
* want to pull my hair out, they bring me happy tears.
* tuck them into bed, they get up again.
* start to eat my supper, they need help with theirs.
* get them settled down, they cry again.
* sit down to take a breath, their world seems to fall apart.
* warn them about running in the house, they fall down and "bunk" their head.
* get them out the door, they have to go potty.
* think they're not watching, the imitate my very words and actions.
* take them to the park to play, it starts to rain.
* put a new roll of toilet paper out, they completely unroll it.
* get everything set up to fingerpaint, they decide they want to do something else.
* blink....they'll be all grown up and these things won't seem like that big of a deal.

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