Friday, March 25, 2011

When It's Way Too Quiet

  I was cooking supper one night and was just thinking to myself, 'The girls are playing so good together right now."  There were no cries, squeals, or any other indications that a potential injury was about to occur or a favorite toy and had just been hijacked.  I finished up supper and got it in the oven and went to join in on the fun.  The "fun" was this:

  The tears started when she realized they just might have been doing something they weren't supposed to.  It was another one of those times where, there was a huge mess to clean up and it was just better to laugh than I realized a bath had to taken before supper and there really wasn't enough time for that.
  What happened was....AB decided to "help" me get Lynnsie ready for bed by putting her lotion on her.  Only, it wasn't the Johnson and Johnson's lotion, it was Eucerin lotion.  You know, that really, super thick lotion that you have to really rub into your skin and it doesn't just wipe off.  She had it on her face - as you can see - her hands, arms, and her feet.  I can't tell you how many times I almost dropped Lynnsie in the tub...she was so slick and she was sliding around everywhere!!  But, in the end, all was well and it was a "little thing" I just had to blog about.  The mess was cleaned up, supper was eaten, and Lynnsie had exceptionally moisturized skin for about a week!

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