Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy, I got make-ups!!

  When we come to stay at my parents house, Anna Beth sleeps in my sister, Maci's, bed.  Sometimes, Maci packs her bag and spends the night out here with us.  Now, Maci knows the basics of babyproofing, but sometimes it's just not enough.  Like, simply putting your make-up bag in your bright pink overnight bag is simply not enough when the pretty pink bag is going to be in the same room as the supposed-to-be-nappying 2 year old. 
  I heard Anna Beth get up from her nap on Thursday afternoon, so I go into the room to get her.  I see her...I am in shock...and I just start laughing.  I can't even talk.  I'm trying to be serious, but it's impossible.  She smiles and says, 'Mommy, I got make-ups!'  This is what I saw:

  I mean, really, who can resist a smile with this look!!  Oh, and her special sock dog and several of Maci's pandas had the same great look!!

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  1. So cute! I cannot believe how quick they are growing. AB looks like a little girl...not a baby anymore. They are beautiful!