Monday, May 30, 2011


  A few weeks ago, AB found herself in one of the funniest predicaments to date.   I failed to take a picture, although I was laughing hysterically.  Fortunately, she found herself there again last night.  This time I remembered to grab the camera first.  No worries, she was not in danger, pain, or scared while I took a moment to capture this funny moment.  The sad face you see, is because she knows she's been "caught":

  She had managed to climb up onto the ledge of her window, but couldn't get down.  She was stuck in quite a predicament because she was supposed to be in bed...instead she was watching the cars go by and her daddy out in the yard.  Jacob saw her and told me.  I said, "Let me grab the camera first!"  She never lets us get bored or go too long without a funny story!!

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