Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Last Funny Story (from school)

  So, Thursday was Anna Beth's last day of the year for her Mother's Day Out program - or "school" as she called it.  It was a sad day - we will miss seeing her friends and teachers every week - but it ended on a very funny note.  When I got there, Miss Karen and Miss Kelly said they had one last funny Anna Beth story for me.  My mind began to race trying to figure out what it could be! 
  Anna Beth was told it was time to line up to go to the bathroom.  At this point, she looked at her teachers and said, "I'm only allowed to go peepee in the grass when I'm on a deer hunt."  Can you imagine!?!?!  No, they were not trying to get her to go potty anywhere but in the potty, in the bathroom - but this is what came out of her mouth.  So, then I had to tell her teachers the background story to this statement:
  Earlier in the week, she and Lynnsie were playing outside in their kiddie pool with Jacob.  Anna Beth needed to go to the bathroom.  Instead of going through the "trouble" of drying her off and getting water through the house, he told her she could potty in the grass.  When I found out later - at the dinner table, no less (!) - I said, "We are raising little girls...they do not need to think it's ok to go potty in the grass outside!"  We were trying not to crack up, Jacob finally agreed and told AB she shouldn't do it again.  Then he added, "Unless we're on a deer hunt." He just have noticed my look because he said, "I can't have her think she can't go deer hunting because she won't be able to go potty out there!"
  Yes, this is my life.  And our dinner conversations.  And what we tell our teachers at school :)

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