Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Years

  Three years ago today, I became a mommy.  Well, really I became a mommy many months before that, but I guess you could say (in military terms) I've been "active duty" for 3 years :)  And it is definitely active.  Anna Elizabeth Coleman turns 3 today.  For weeks we've been telling her she would be "3 in May", so it has been quite fun listening to her say "I'll be 3 in May" for this entire month!
  She has grown so much, so fast - but when I look at her, I still see this:

 She is only 3 days old in this picture and we are getting ready to head home - wondering why on earth the professional hospital staff are letting us leave with a real live baby who we have no idea what to do with!
  For the past 3 years, there have been many firsts:  baths, sleepless nights, sweetest kisses and snuggles, feelings of love that you could never know existed, smiles, steps, words, situations where I have no idea what to do, birthdays...the list goes on and on and will continue to grow as she continues to grow.  I can't wait for all of these "firsts" - well, maybe the first boyfriend, but I'm sure her gun-collecting, police officer, military, loves-to-hunt father can keep that away for a good while. Ha!!
  I love you, Miss Anna Beth, and I love being your mommy!!

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  1. Happy, happy day, sweet Anna Beth! We love you,
    Aunt Bek, Uncle Travis and Ginny