Friday, April 15, 2011

Calling All Turkeys

  One of the girls favorite noises to make is a turkey call.  Hmmm...I wonder where they learned this?  Yes, my little girls who wear pink, purple, and pigtails can make a turkey call.  It provides great fun and entertainment when they start making them to each other. 
  Sometimes, they will start doing it at the table when they are in especially silly moods.  Once, when they were doing this, I told them they needed to stop and finish their supper, that it was not time to be silly.  I used my "Mommy Voice" and they knew I meant business.  They were both quiet for about a minute...then Lynns' just goes "aahhhrrr"...making her turkey call....and just grins at me.  I lost it...all authority was lost as I burst into laughter!
  Yesterday, I go to pick up Anna Beth from her Mother's Day Out class and her teacher's are telling me how funny she is...about how she likes to sing and tell stories.  Have I mentioned that I love it when they do this?  Or that I love how amazingly wonderful they are to my Anna Beth?  Well, I do and they are.
  Back to yesterday...Mrs. Karen tells me that they are reading a story to the class when Anna Beth all of a sudden makes this noise like "waawwawa" or something like that (that's my best spelling of the noise she made!).  They stop and look at her and she says, "That's what a turkey says.  My daddy taught me that."
  Yes, this is my little blond-haired, blue-eyed, toe-nails-painted-hot-pink little proud to call a turkey in the middle of story time. 

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