Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Sweet To Hold...

"How sweet to hold a newborn baby.  And feel the pride and joy he gives.  But greater still the calm assurance this child can face uncertain days because He lives!!"

  This is a verse from one of my very favorite hymns, Because He Lives.  As I was singing it in church this morning, Easter Sunday, I could not help but think of when I held my newborn Anna Beth and my newborn Lynnsie and how I will hold my newborn baby in a few months.  The love that comes when holding your newborn baby - or your newborn child, if God brought them to you later in their life through adoption - is out of this world and you are suddenly amazed that you can love another person so much!!  What a joy and a relief that God has each of my children in His hands. 
  Anna Beth, Lynnsie, Baby Coleman, and future children,

  There will be uncertain times in your life.  There will be joy and there will be sadness.  There will be things you understand and things you do not.  There will be memories you want to preserve and memories you want to forget.  But in each situation, have the calm assurance that you can face every single day with the certainty that He lives. 

I love you,

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  1. I love that verse, too. I remember singing that hymn at church at some point during my pregnancy and having tears roll down my cheeks as I sang those words. I never knew how sweet it really was until I held my own newborn baby, and I never knew how grateful I could be for that calm assurance until she was born. Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!!!