Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mama's Song

  This is another "I-almost-had-a-meltdown-on-the-treadmill-while-watching-CMT-at-the-gym" post.  I told you a few posts ago - "Just Fishin'" - that I like to watch CMT while I am walking at the gym and given my normal emotional state hyped up on pregnancy hormones plus a good country song....sometimes tears almost flow.  Or maybe they do.
  Have you heard Carrie Underwood's song, "Mama's Song" ?  It's great.  She wrote it for her mother when she (Carrie) was engaged to her husband.  It talks about how her mother raised her to do the right things, make good decisions, and she got her to where she is today.  Then it talks about how it's time to let go and let her be a wife.  Can you imagine - mommies let their babies be taken care of and provided for by someone else?!?! And daddies letting it happen, too, for that matter! I dread the day.  Anyway, it's a great song.  And it came on CMT the other morning and the video is awesome.  You should find it on YouTube or 
  But it got me thinking later in the day.  I know that I could sing that song to my mom - not literally, of course, but I could totally repeat the words to her.  I know that my mother (and father) lovingly let me go and start a family with Jacob.  I knew they did not worry about me and that I would be taken care.  And I have been and will continue to be.  But what I really thought about, was my daughter's future husbands.  I just started praying for them, even though they may still be in diapers right now.  I want to trust that whoever my children choose to marry, will love them and take care of them.  I can only do that by trusting that part (and every part, actually) of their lives to God.
  And THEN I remembered, there's a baby boy in my belly.  And we now have the task of raising him to be  a man, who some little girl can sing this song or say these words to her mommy someday.  I'd say we have a task on our hands.  Teaching a little boy how to be a godly man, who will be a godly husband, and a godly father.  These are things that books like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" don't tell you!  It's a scary task, but just like with our girls, we are trusting God with Creek's life and in the way we raise him. 
  And these are the things that walking on the treadmill at the gym can lead to.  Now....go Google these lyrics, but grab a tissue!!

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