Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Big Green Tractor

  In the Fall of 2008, when Anna Beth was about 5 months old, we came up to Tennessee for a week in October.  I had the cutest little pair of overalls, with pink trim, that I wanted her to wear for some outdoor pictures I wanted to take of her.  I remember taking these pictures and thinking, "There needs to be a tractor in the picture since she's in her overalls."    In the many trips we've made up the interstate from Louisiana to Tennessee since then, I have always wanted to take her to see the big tractors - and hopefully go for a ride - at the Fowler's barn.  The Fowler's are farmers in our home church and very good family friends. 
  Finally, on this trip up, we made it over to the barn.  The girls love it when we are driving down the road and they see a tractor in a field, so I just knew they would have fun seeing the big ones up close.  We went to the barn and one of the guys that work for the Fowler's brought a big tractor out.  My Denden (my mom's dad) climbed up and then we lifted AB and Lynnsie up. 
  They were a little unsure at first and then Denden started it up.  I was afraid they'd get scared at such a loud noise, but they were okay.  Then I climbed up...all 7 1/2 months preggo of me...and we all went for a ride.  It was so much fun! And it reminded me of when I was a little girl and I would ride my Denden's tractor with him for hours during the summer.  Such fun, such special memories!!


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