Monday, July 4, 2011

A July Christmas Tree

  Today is July 4, 2011.  America's birthday.  I'm sitting here, in my well air-conditioned living room, listening to the fireworks shooting off all around our house.  I actually love the sound of fireworks even if I'm not watching them.  I was worried that I was a bad American because I didn't take the girls to a big July 4th celebration.  Jacob had to work and, well, it's a little hot outside for this preggo, plus putting the kids to bed so late by made me exhausted just thinking about it!  We did celebrate - we grilled out for lunch, spent some good family time together, and went for a special snack at Sonic after naps.  But we just weren't going to make it to a spectacular celebration with the patriotic songs being played over a loud speaker and watching the night light up for a while.
  Lucky for us, there was a big celebration not far from our house and I figured we'd be able to watch some fireworks out of a window.  They started just before 9 and I went immediately to Anna Beth's room.  She was still awake, of course, so I told her to come sit with me at the window.  We sat there for a long time watching fireworks. 
  Now, we didn't get the full effect of them because there were some trees in between our house and where the fireworks were being set off.  That didn't phase either of us, though.  It actually made for the sweetest part of our "in-home" celebration.  She looked at me and said, "It's like a Christmas tree, mommy."  Don't you just LOVE the way their little minds think and imagine?  I never would have though that until she said that.  Then I looked up into the trees and, sure enough, every time the fireworks lit up the sky behind those trees, they made beautiful Christmas trees for us to gaze upon.  Then I realized that this was a perfect way to celebrate July 4th! 
  Happy Birthday, America!! I'm so proud to be part of you!!


  1. We did the same thing! How fun that we were both sitting in front of the window with our big girls on our laps watching fireworks at the same time. :)

  2. It was so much better than being out in a crowd - and cooler, too!