Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Chair is Filled

  Last night, I had a very, very special moment with my daughters.  I have been following adoption blogs, reading adoption books, and praying for adoptive families intensely lately.  Adoption is something that has been very close to my heart since I was about 12.  Adoption is in the future for our family.  I have also been praying for ways to begin talking with our children about adoption and what that will mean for our family.
  Now, before you ask me - are you crazy, did you forget you're about to have a baby in 8 1/2 weeks? No, I haven't forgotten as I sit here with an ice pack on my lower back, my swollen ankles elevated, and as I struggle to take a really good, deep breath because of the precious baby throwing the party inside my belly.  But, is it ever too early to start praying God's specific direction in your family's life?  I say no, it's not.  We have no idea what path of adoption God will take us on right now.  In reality, we are looking at 3ish years at least before the child we adopt will be in our home forever.  So, for now, we are praying.
 Back to the special moment. My friend, Kim, shared with me in the spring about a family with whom her family is very good friends.  They were currently battling an obstacle in the adoption of their son in Ethiopia.  It was a very difficult 6ish weeks for this family, as the father stayed in Ethiopia with their son to overcome this obstacle, and the mother returned home to be with their 3 other sons.  I felt so blessed to be involved in prayer for this family and I prayed with the girls that baby Gideon would get to come home soon.
  Tonight, I logged onto facebook and I had a message from Kim.  She had posted the homecoming video of Gideon and his father, as they were united with the rest of their family.  I was able to watch this video with AB and Lynns, explaining to them that Gideon had not had a mommy or daddy or brothers or sisters for a long time, but now he did because his mommy and daddy adopted him to be in their family forever.  I pointed out the mommy, the daddy, and the brothers to them.  They watched in awe as the big brothers loved on their new little brother and as Gideon snuggled against his mommy.  They were all wearing their red adoption t-shirts, that said (I think) A Chair to Fill or an Empty Chair.  It was a design of an empty chair, that needed to be filled through adoption - and now Gideon has filled it!  (Thus the name of this post!)
  I thought about how someday that will be our family - oh, how I can't wait for that day!  I've placed the video link here, too.  Please watch it, but grab a tissue first!!


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