Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aspiring Musicians

  We loaded up and headed back to Louisiana today.  Tennessee always goes by way too fast for us, but it is always good to get home, too.  It was the first time I had actually made the trip all by myself - plus my two toddlers.  (Is AB still a toddler?  She's 3, not 2, but she's not a little girl, yet, either...)  The girls are wonderful travelers, I seriously could not ask for better traveling kids!  (Insert pleading prayer to God that Creek will be a wonderful traveler, as well!!)
  Throughout the whole trip, they slept, snacked, giggled, read books, and sang.  My girls LOVE to sing.  Sometimes it's a song they know, sometimes it's a song they make up.  Today, they decided they were going to make one up.  Here are the lyrics:
God, Jesus, God, Jesus, God, Jesus!
God, Jesus, God, Jesus, God, Jesus!
  There wasn't really a rhythm or tune or specific notes that either of them had to hit at any time or even at the same time.  Sometimes the words were to sung (sang, whichever) REALLY loud or really quietly.  There was clapping and waving of hands (uh-oh, they're Baptists...don't they know we're supposed to be still when we sing :)  j/k!!!)  Sometimes the words were sung with a huge smile on their sweet little faces and sometimes it was just a precious, content, happy little face.
  It was actually the best song I heard for the entire 8 hour drive.  Hearing my children, 3 and almost 2, singing their own praise song to the Father and the Son.  Will God use them to lead others in worship through song?  Will He use them to teach others how to sing or play instruments in praise to Him?  Will they love to sing in the church choir?  Will they love to sing songs of His love and about loving Him to their children one day?  I don't know.  I think for now, though, they may or may not have a good start on a music career, but they sure have a great start on praising God through song.

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