Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Are We Gonna Call Him?

  Jacob gave adorable little nicknames to the girls when they were both very small.  He still calls them by these nicknames and they call each other by their nicknames sometimes, too.  He calls Anna Beth "Chippy" and Lynnsie "Lynnsmeister".  How did he come up with these names? Well, let me just tell you...
  Anna Beth (AB, please don't be mad at me years down the road for writing this!) had gas as a baby.  She would let loose some major "toots".  After one particularly explosive "toot", Jacob said out loud, "Well, let her rip, tator chip."  For some reason, "Tator Chip" stuck with him and that's what he started calling her.  Then it was shortened to "The Chip".  And, finally, "Chippy".  I know, I know, a nickname based on your gas as a baby....whatever.

  Lynnsmeister, well, it just kind of came out one day.  And the next and the next.  It's really cute to hear AB say it...the "meister" part gets kind of nasally for her!

  So a few weeks before Creek was born, the girls and I were sitting at the table having lunch and they were saying, "I'm Chippy"..."I'm Lynnsmeister" back and forth.  And then AB wanted to know what we were going to call Creek.  I told her I didn't know, but he would have a fun "special name", too, just like them.

  Fast forward to last Thursday.  Creek was upset, so I picked up him up and tried to say, "What's wrong, Creek, baby?" Instead, "Creek, baby" came out "Creekie".  Lynns heard me and tried to repeat it and "Creekie" came out "Cricket".  And it has stuck.  They both call him "Cricket" when they are referring to each other in their special names. And I think it's perfect for him! Even sweeter that Lynns named him. 

  I just wonder how many crickets "Cricket" will bring into my house as he grows up and starts doing all the things that rough and tumble little boys do...

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