Friday, October 14, 2011

Pinned It & Did It: Prayer Pail (or Jar)

  Pinterest strikes again.  I love that site...probably too much.  Anyway, we've now done 2 of the "more than few" things I've pinned.
  I loved this idea when I first saw it...prayer & much better can it get?! Mawmaw came home from another outing with a bag of popsicle sticks and I had just decided to save the empty jar of pizza sauce (if you know my mother in law, then you know that me saving a jar made her smile really big).
  So, one sunny afternoon (today) the girls and I set out in the front yard and made our prayer sticks.  I wrote several different prayers on a stick and let the girls color them.  They had lots of fun.  Each night, as a family, we will each draw a prayer stick out of the jar and pray for that specific person, place, or group of people.
  I am hoping that this will teach the girls - and someday Creek - that there are so many more things than our food that we can pray for :)

Coloring our prayer sticks.

Our prayer sticks - they mostly colored the back of them.
(Sure wish I knew how to rotate pics on Blogger ;) )

The prayer jar.

  I'm thinking that when the kids get older and they have the attention span for bedtime prayers to be a bit longer, you could have a "missionary jar", "church staff jar", "family jar", "friend jar", etc., etc. with names of people and each child could pick one prayer stick from each jar.  Let's Pray!!!

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  1. hello, I really like this post and indeed Pinterest is an amazing site that I myself have taken a lot of brilliant ideas and inspiration from.