Monday, October 17, 2011

Mommy's Little Secrets

I have the fun and sweet thing I do with kids.  Its mostly with the girls for now because, well, Creek doesn't talk, obviously, but I still do it somewhat with him.  I tell them little secrets.

Mainly, it's the same secret over and over.  I call to them across the room and say, "Come here.  I've gotta secret for you." They smile real big and come over.  I put my hands on their cheeks and lean them in real close. 

And then I whisper, "I love being your mommy." and I sit back and look at their big smiles.  Then I say, "I have another secret for you." I lean back in and tell them why I love being their mommy.  Sometimes, when I'm done with my secrets, I just go "pshpshpshpsh" in their ear to hear them giggle.  They usually scrunch up their shoulder because this tickles their little necks.

I do this a lot with Lynnsie at the end of the day when I am rocking and 'nuggling with her before bed.  Last night was not any different.  I leaned her in and said, "I love being your mommy."  She sat back and smiled. 

Then she put her hands on my cheeks and leaned back into my ear and quietly said, "I love you being mommy." So sweet. So precious.  Then she said, "I have another secret for you." She took my cheeks and leaned back in and said.....



  1. I have to tell you that this made me extremely emotional. I. just. love. it.