Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Sisters & A Brutter

Dear Creek,

You have two awesome older sisters.  They love you.  They hadn't seen mommy very much for two days, but when we brought you home from the hospital, they ran right past me and climbed all over daddy just to get a look at you.  It is precious watching them run to you first thing in the morning just to look at you.  They like to touch you on your arm, leg, back, head, and sometimes your cheeks...a lot of times your cheeks, but we don't always let them.  They like to remind people that you can't talk when someone talks to you.  They stand on the changing table so they can see mommy and daddy change your diaper.  (Please be nice to them when they do this and don't pee on them :) )  They love introducing you to everyone who comes by as their "baby brutter" and they stand protectively close to you when anyone comes near to sneak a peek, with a huge smile on their faces as if you were there pride and joy.

You will survive them.  We will not let them dress you up in dresses or force you to play with their dolls.  They even brought you a block to play with yesterday.  Lynnsie couldn't understand why you just looked at it.  I tried to explain it to her, but she thought you weren't being very nice.  And they really don't think you're hitting or kicking them when you move your arms and legs around when they are close.  They say you are, but we know you really aren't.

First peek

One happy Big Sister

Two Sisters & Their Brutter

Lynnsie said, "I wanna 'nuggle Creek." That means she loves him.

I hope someday you look back on the pictures of you and your sisters in the first few days of your life and remember how much they loved you from the very beginning.  I know there will come a day when you will feel very protective of them, even though you're the "little" brother, and people will have to get past you to get to them. Your daddy and I have loved watching them with you.  It makes our hearts smile to see how much you already love each other.

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  1. Wow! i cannot believe how much they have grown. I took Brent the computer and said, "Don't read the captions but look at the pictures and tell me who you think these kids belong to" He stared a few seconds and then his jaw dropped and he said, "Is that Anna Beth? NO WAY!" We have got to get together soon! Our kiddos are growing up so fast! You have 2 beautiful little girls and Creek is handsome too! Tell him I am so sorry his mommy made him wear that awful TN onesie but if she will throw it away I will get him a clean one (You know, one that says Roll Tide!)