Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sew Crafty...

  Y'all, I am so pumped!! Last Tuesday, I got a sewing machine.  Then I took it back on Friday night.  Then I ordered the REAL one that I had wanted in the first place...a sewing and monogramming machine.  Yay!! Have I mentioned I only recently learned how to sew on a button with just a needle and thread? Yeah, that's only happened in the past year or so... Anyway, I was a little intimidated at first, but then I just dug right into the box and started playing around with it. 

I am not lying when I say that I immediately texted this picture to my mom and friend and said, "I sewed a straight line!"
I even tried out a couple of the different styles of stitching...

Then I laid this scrap fabric on top of each other and sewed it together...and it stayed together!!!

Would this be like a hem?  Or something??? Either way it was straight and it was sewn together!

Then I just had a little fun and did a swirly thingy...
The possibilities are endless, my friends.  ENDLESS!!! Let the sewing games begin in 3...2...1!!!

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