Monday, January 28, 2013

About That Minivan...

It looks like its gonna be time to soon join the minivan club soon. Why? Because last week I went to the post office and...

I've waited many years for this, knowing for a very long time that is one way that God would grow our family. We are excited and I am, at times, fighting the urge to freak out.

Our kids are excited. We've already seen that they have a love for fatherless children and shown us that it makes complete sense to them to bring home a little boy who doesn't have a mommy or daddy. They talk about him often. And that makes me happy.

We are adopting internationally, from the country of Colombia...more about that later. We should hear from the agency in the next week about the next step in this process...and it's gonna be a long one. We probably won't have to get that minivan for about 2 years.

We beg you for your prayers...



  1. Of course you are in my prayers! What an exciting journey for you guys.

  2. Whomever this little gift may be will be so incredibly loved! What a special family He/She will be joining!! Love and admire The Coleman's so much!!