Saturday, January 26, 2013

My First Project(s)!!!!

Y'all I did my first "project"! It's a simple one and, yes, it does look like I cut and sewed my fabric upside down, but I still did it!

I actually had the fabric right, but as I was sewing it together ... with the fabric cut right side up, I messed up, so the front had to become the back making the fabric look upside down. I can admit my mistakes.

The best advice I've been given over and over in learning this machine is to not be afraid of it and pick some simple projects to do that will help me learn. I found the cutest fabric scrap buster project on Pinterest where you make letters out of fabric scraps.

So I pulled out the scraps and grabbed the wooden "C" off of the end of our cabinet, traced, cut, stacked, pinned, sewed, and trimmed. Super easy! It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish and I very proud myself in the end!! Perfect? Far from it. Completed? Yep.

Afterwards, I even practiced a little free handed appliqué. My machine does appliqués but I don't have any backing or adhesive yet to put in the hoop and let it go to town. I am loving this!!

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