Saturday, January 5, 2013

Insta Friday...on Saturday

Instagram may be my newest addiction, but I'll just call it a hobby for now. I love seeing pics that my friends post, but I've also found some people who post really cool pics of architecture and other cultures, and I love pictures of both of those! If you're on Instagram, find me...misticoleman. Creative, I know.
Apparently, there's this thing called Insta Friday in the blogging world and you do a photo dump of all your Instagram pics from the week. LOVE IT!! I didn't see this until late last night on one of my most favorite blogs, check her out...she loves Jesus, does some amazing art work, loves adoption, and clings to God.
We went to the aquarium, ate the traditional cabbage on New Year's Day, got a little crafty, and had lots of fun! Here's my Insta Friday, on Saturday! And please excuse the lack of make up and bad hair...

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