Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sister Talk

We were in Tennessee this past many good things to say about that...but I just had to share this sweet convo I overheard between the girls.  We were driving from Jacob's parent's house to his grandparents house for supper.  The two houses sort of share a really long driveway, so I put the girls in the front seat together and I was driving.  Jacob was driving his granddad's truck,  hauling the deer he'd just killed and showed off to the kids back to his grandparent's to dress it.  The girls had just gotten their first, close up look at a deer (dead) after numerous episodes of deer hunting shows and pretend deer hunts in the back yard and even a real deer hunt for Anna Beth.

Anna Beth: I don't like to touch the dead deer.  Do you, Lynnsie?
Lynnsie: No.  It's yucky.
Anna Beth: Yeah, it's yucky! But I DID touch it, though.  But I didn't like it.
Lynnsie: No, me either! It's yucky!

I was smiling to myself and really loving the conversation and was excited to see what all they would say, when I suddenly heard a grinding sound and my car started jumping and then stopped.  Note to self....if you allow your two small children to ride in the front seat, warn said small children that they should NOT pull the gear shift and put the car in drive when you are backing down the drive in reverse!

Oh, and here's another sweet one:  We were drove past Jacob's other grandparents house and saw about a dozen turkeys in their front yard.  When Jacob saw them, he said, "Anna Beth, Lynnsie - look there's some turkeys." Immediately....IMMEDIATELY I tell you...both of my sweet little girls started doing their turkey calls...making their daddy so very proud!

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