Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adoption: It Costs HOW MUCH?!

A lot.  A whole, whole lot from what I've approximately $30,000...give or take a few thousand depending on domestic or international (and which country you choose). But guess what - not a single family that I know who has set their heart and mind to following God's call to adopt...hasn't had every single penny provided.  Every. Single. Penny.  God calls and He provides.  So if you are considering adoption, but are afraid of the expense, check out some of the things, including fundraisers and grants, that my friends have done to help raise the extra cash:

- Sacrificial living - I think it starts here.
- Yard sales.  These seem to bring in some great money and it allows others to be a part of your adoption journey when you ask for donations for the sale and you let people know what you're raising money for at the sale. 

- T-shirts.  Families are designing adoption t-shirt, or having them designed, to sell - how cool!  This also helps to spread  the word to others about adoption as they see the t-shirt and start to ask questions.

- Personal donations.  Friends have given sacrificially to help fund others adoptions.

- Monthly raffle.  Each month an item, items, or service (like a photo session) is donated and then people can donate a certain amount of money to have their name entered in the drawing - lots of fun!! Do you have a special talent or service you could donate to an adoptive family?  Or can you make really cool stuff to donate? (my friend, Cole, does this over at - it's the 1st of EVERY month!)

- Car washes

- Spaghetti Supper (or a cookout or whatever food you like!)

- Paint Party - A friend who is adopting domestically (The Nease's @, is very artistic.  She did a painting party similar to what you do at Painting With A Twist....she led those in attendance through a great New Orleans painting, step by step.  Fun and productive!

- These are grants that I found from the Christian Alliance for Orphans web page:
  - ABBA Fund, Katelyn's Fund Orphan Ministry, Lifesong for Orphans

- Show Hope grant (from adoptive dad and Christian contemporary singer, Stephen Curtis Chapman)

- The Southern Baptist Convention has also recently started a grant for pastors who are adopting.

- Just Love Coffee - you can sell this brand of coffee and a portion of the proceeds go into your adoption fund.

- 147 Million Orphans - their website is; you can buy their merchandise at wholesale prices and sell them for retail prices if you are actively pursuing adoption.  Even if you're not, you can buy some great shirts and other products.  The best part?  All of the proceeds from anything you buy helps to feed, educate, and provide medicine for an orphan child!

- Do you have any other cool fundraising ideas? Please share them in the comment section!


  1. Friends of mine adopted a special needs boy from the Ukraine last year through Reese's Rainbow. As a part of their fundraising they had bracelets made, like the "Live Strong" bracelets. They were orange and said "Bring Kole Home". They sold them for $6 a piece and it was a great way to talk about adoption because people always want to know what your bracelet means.

  2. Thanks, Jessica! That's a great idea - most people love those kinds of bracelets!

  3. Instead of a yard sale (that sells tons of odds and ends), we had a Gently Used Furniture Sale. We put the word out that we were looking for gently used furniture to be donated to help fund our adoption. The response was absolutely overwhelming! We could have opened our own furniture store! After heavy advertising, we had an overflow of people that just wanted to be a part of the "cause"!! We made almost $5,000 that day! God richly blessed that day!

  4. Meg, I can't believe I left that one out!! I was so amazed at how God provided for y'all that day. So awesome!