Friday, November 11, 2011

Adoption: Somewhere

Somewhere today, there is a little girl who is having a really bad day - but she doesn't have a mommy or a daddy to come home to, to give her cookies and milk, and tell her everything will be okay.

Somewhere today, a little boy made an A on his homework - but there's not a refrigerator to hang it on.

Somewhere tonight, there will be a child who wakes up crying - but they won't have a mommy or daddy to come rock them, telling them it was just a bad dream, and make them feel safe again.

Somewhere today, there is a big room, with cribs lining the walls and filling the big open space in the center of the room, each one with a baby in it.  But it's eerily quiet.  Why? Because the babies have stopped crying, because there's no one to come comfort them even when they do.

Somewhere today, there is a boy watching others play football - but he doesn't have a daddy to teach him how to play.

Somewhere tonight, a child will lay down to sleep in a strange bed in a stranger's home - they will cry and wonder why it's not safe to be home with their mommy and daddy and what the word "foster" means.

Somewhere today, a little girl with chocolate brown eyes fell and skinned her knee - but she didn't have a mommy to put a band-aid on it and give it that special kiss that makes it all better.

Somewhere today, there is a young woman carrying a baby she didn't plan on.  She's scared and there's no one there to hold her, to walk with her, to support her or encourage her.  There's no one to tell her about adoption.

Somewhere today, there is an orphan or foster child who only wants a mommy and a daddy.

Do you have children? Maybe a niece or nephew? What do they go through on a daily basis? What are their needs? How do you provide for those needs?  Somewhere today, tonight, tomorrow, and every day after that - there will be a child who has no one meeting those needs.  Let's ask God what we can do to change that.


  1. I always ache when I think about the babies who quit crying because they have essentially "given up." I think about my own children and just want to hold them tighter. Love that you are spotlighting adoption.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Misti. I saw the Baby Home crib room when we adopted. The part you may not know about is the bare bottoms because diapers are too expensive... or that the nipple holes are cut bigger so the propped up bottles will be finished sooner....or being told not to feed the Downs Syndrome infant in the crib because of the germs you are carrying. I rocked Peter to sleep two afternoons at the Baby Home. They said he had trouble falling asleep that night....

  3. Paula, that is so heartbreaking. I read a book this summer, Adopted for Life, and the author and his wife adopted their two sons from Russia about 10 years ago. He described their baby home in very similar words. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing this, I hope more people see your comment and are moved to do something....anything.