Monday, September 5, 2011

Lynnsie's TWO!!!!!

  Wow.  Two whole years!  She still seems so tiny.  She's always been in the average to lower percentile in everything, but she's just always seemed so tiny! Especially her little mouth...she has these big brown eyes and cute, chubby cheeks - and that is part of the reason why her mouth looks so tiny.  Jacob and I think it's also because she talks so much and so clearly.  She's been talking for months...I don't just mean a few words, I mean full sentences - in a conversation.  Is this a sign of things to come?
  Today is Labor Day - for America, not me (I don't think!) - and Jacob has to work all day - so we decided last week that we would celebrate Lynnsie's birthday on Sunday, Sept. 4.  However, Tropical Storm Lee decided to show up and throw us for a loop.  Some early maps kept showing that it was going to be the worst for us on Sunday, so on Saturday morning, we decided to go ahead and celebrate.  We went out during a break from the rain - which started back up as we were loading up - and, since it was Tennessee's Season Opener...we were wearing our ORANGE!! 

Lunch at "Donald's"...Lynnsie's favorite are the french fries and she eats a few nuggets just to make it a meal.

Presents, presents, presents!! She got a new pink dress, a Ladybug blanket and matching pillow for her bed, and a Sit and Spin.

She's 2!!

So, so tiny....

...and getting so, so big.

  Today, her birthday, we spent mostly indoors....thanks to the remnants of TS Lee!!  But, we did have a special popcorn and cartoons lunch.  And, yes, she's still in her pajamas per her request.  I mean, who argues with the Birthday Girl, right?! 

  We ended the day by singing Happy Birthday to her during our bedtime prayers and thanking God for giving her to us.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Lynnsie!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Lynnsie! Aunt Bek loves you! :)