Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's All Fun and Games...

  Earlier this week I wrote about our morning trip to the beach in Waveland, MS (which, I have since found out that was a very popular beach to play on by my friend's family when she was a child!).  What I can't believe I forgot to write about in that post was feeding the sea gulls!  Let's just blame it on the "pregnancy brain", okay?
  The girls loved feeding the sea gulls.  You know how it goes, though - you feed one and they all come to start munching and mooching off of whatever you're throwing at them.  The girls would throw little pieces of bread as far as they could....about 3 feet...and Jacob would throw some farther out so they would come eat it.  We fed the sea gulls on a couple of different occasions that morning.  It really was pretty watching them all fly around and some would even catch the bread midair!
  We were having so much fun feeding them and watching the girls feed them, when we hear this squealy-shrieky sound from the 4 year old kid playing about 10 yards away.  We look over just as he says, "Mommy, what IS that?" and holds out his arm.
  It's all fun and games until somebody gets pooped on!

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