Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Highlights...

  So, here's some highlights from the past few days.  They don't really get a whole post of their own, but I definitely want to have them written down.  I'll talk about some of them more in depth later on!

   "Should I fix my hair for this?  What about makeup?"  These were my thoughts at 3 am when I was getting ready to go to the hospital to be induced.  I had no idea if I should "get ready" or just walk in there looking like I rolled out of bed.  I decided that since I had the opportunity to look halfway decent to meet my little man, I'd get as dressed up as I could and hope it would last through delivery!

   The genius anesthesiologist who commented that I looked "uncomfortable" 8+ centimeters dilated and an epidural that had worn off.  Seriously?!?!  I think that only females - who have had been through labor and delivery - should be allowed to give epidurals because they are the ONLY ones who can truly sympathize with this fierce pain and they would never stop for a latte on their way to you!  (No, mine didn't really stop for a latte, but you know what I mean :) )

   My nurse when I finally got to my post-delivery room kept looking at me kind of funny.  Then she said, "I just have to ask...have you had "work" or are those your real pregnancy boobs?"  Um...okay.  And, yes, they're real...

   When Lynnsie met Creek for the first time at the hospital, she said "I like him.  And I like your rooooom, Mommy!".  So glad she liked my room :)

   I have never seen Anna Beth smile so big as she did when she first saw Creek!

   Anna Beth wanted to hold Creek so bad at the hospital, but we there were too many people around so we told her she had to wait until we got him home.  So she would wait and if she thought the person holding him wasn't paying attention, she would reach over to try to pick him up! So sweet !

  Lynnsie: "This is my brutter. I love her."  Gotta love toddlers and their pronouns :)

  When Lynnsie held Creek for the first time, he stretched his arms and accidentally hit her arm. She said,  "Uh..her..her...him...her...he..her hit me!!"  She was so confused as to what to call "him"!!

  Mrs. Nora was the sweet lady from the kitchen who would ask me every day, "You eatin' lunch/suppa wit me taday?"  I would tell her yes and she'd smile and tell me what she was having.  She had the best smile and she always made me smile.  For lunch right before we were discharged, she put the best piece of 4 layer chocolate cake on my plate.  Yummy!!

  There was this black-haired lady who was absolutely in love with Creek....even though she was there to visit her new grandson.  She was all about him...his cuteness, his name, EVERYTHING!  She would see us in the hall and just say, "OH - there's Creek! I just love Creek!"  We almost missed the elevator leaving the hospital Wednesday morning because she was telling all three of us bye!

  I will never forget the look on Jacob's face when I asked for the mirror...yes, THAT mirror!!

  Creek's nickname in the hospital was "The Toddler Baby" because he was so big.  One lady came up and gave me a hug when she found out I was his mommy and said, "I told myself that if I saw that beautiful baby's mommy I'd hug her neck and say good job!"... and so she did :)

  Today, I asked Jacob what he was thinking.  He said, "We have 3 kids."  And just looked at me with a precious, happy, satisfied smile.


  1. Aw! I got a little teary eyed reading this. For the most part you had some great moments! I am so happy that Lynnsie and Anna Beth are excited about their brother and are adjusting well. AB was so proud showing off her picture on Wednesday night! He is so cute! Can't wait to meet him! Hope you are feeling great! :)

  2. We LOVE the entire COLEMAN clan! See y'all SOON!

  3. I can't tell you how much I love every bit of this.

  4. So so excited for you! And I loved the first note about getting ready. Since I will be induced Tuesday and have to be there early, I am sure I will be having the same thoughts! And I cant believe the nurse asked you about your boobs!! Hey, sounds like a odd one, but a compliment, ha! Congratulations again!

  5. This was a blast to write! Heather, yay for Tuesday!! Yeah, I took it as an odd compliment :)