Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When 0 Became 1, 1 Became 2, and 2 Became 3!!

  Big news in the Coleman house!!! Baby Coleman #3 will be here in late September :)  We. Are. Beyond. Ecstatic.  I canNOT get this smile off of my face...except when the nausea takes over, but let's not focus on that right now.  I'm just thinking back to when I was younger, I wasn't sure I wanted to give birth...because it would hurt.  This was before I realized what selfish thinking that was - I didn't know that I would have very close friends, a very best friend, who would not be able give birth.  I only wanted to adopt.  I STILL want to adopt - our family is so not through growing!!  Then, I met Jacob.  And I thought, yes, I want to marry this man and we are going to be a family.  With 2 kids. We will give birth to one child and we will adopt one child - Lord willing.  Well, we gave birth to our "1" child.  And 15 months later we gave birth to our "2" child.  Life was fun and crazy and joyous and, yes, tiring. So, I thought, okay, I think 4 kids sounds awesome! Call me crazy, if you want, it's our family ;)  I thought we would adopt our final two children.
  Anyway, this past summer (2010), while Jacob and I were apart for 4 months (he was at Basic Training), we both wrote each other in a letter, that we wanted to have 1 more biological child and adopt a child.  We weren't sure about the order of which we wanted to do this, but it was amazing how we both had the same thing on our heart while we were miles apart and communication was similar to what it was in the 1920s...letters in the mail.
  For the past couple of months, we have been praying about the next step for our family. Is it time to start the adoption process? Should we try to get pregnant sometime this year? Well, we got our answer a few weeks ago. 
  This morning, Baby Coleman, I saw and heard your precious, tiny little heartbeat.  It was one of the 3 most beautiful sounds I have ever heard in my life (the other two are AB and Lynns' heartbeats).  I got my first glimpse at your little arms and legs and head.  I can't wait to see you face to face. I love you already.  I will see you around September 23...but I'd love to see you a little earlier, too!


  1. We are so so excited about another Coleman baby! God's timing is perfect!

  2. Hey Misti!
    Congrats on Baby #3!! And so fun to see you started a blog =)

  3. I'm so, so happy! When I told Ginny that she is going to have *2* new cousins this year (Mary's due in June), she said, "Could we have another cousin who could live at our house and stay with us?" ;) We shall see...

  4. Bek - your mom told me that story the other day...precious and priceless!! She's a smart little girl, with great ideas ;)