Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Mean Brown Dog Story

  One afternoon, a little over a month ago, the girls and I were having a dinner party in AB's room.  I always open the blinds in their rooms, really throughout the whole house, because I love sunshine and they like to look out the windows.  So, here we were, enjoying our dinner party when AB looks out the window and says, 'Mommy, what is this? I think it's a lion!' I thought, 'What in the world is she looking at?'
  Well, there was no lion in our front yard - thank goodness! - but there was a big, furry brown dog.  I could totally see how a two year old would confuse it with a lion.  And he (or she) was just standing in our yard.  Now, I love dogs, but I do NOT love stranger dogs.  They are not welcome in my yard whether I'm outside or inside. Since Jacob was not home, it was up to me to get rid of the lion-dog in our yard.
  Fast forward 3 weeks, and here is a copy of the note AB's teachers sent home from school. It tells "the rest of the story":
            "Misti - We now know who to call if we ever have a "mean brown dog" that comes unwelcomed to our houses.  Anna Beth told us how brave you were to "shoe" him away with your broom and that "he won't come back"
   I am so glad to know I am the "Mean Brown Dog Hero" of AB's two-year old class! They also said they love her sweet stories...makes me nervous to think what other stories she's retelling up there!!!  This note absolutely had me in tears I was laughing so hard because I could just picture Anna Beth telling this story to her teachers and moving her arms around and using that very, matter-of-fact voice when she said "he won't come back". I sometimes ask her about the mean, brown dog just to hear her retell the story - it makes me smile!!
   Mostly, I hope that 1)the dog really never comes back to our house and 2) ANY note that Anna Beth or Lynnsie or any other children we have, is of this very funny and sweet nature. The note was definitely one for the special book!

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