Monday, February 7, 2011

The Things Kids Say...

  Don't you just LOVE some of the things that come our of our kids mouths? I'm talking about the cute things, not the embarrassing things :) The things that either make you laugh out loud, smile really big, or melt your heart. I know I will add to this list a lot over the years, but here's a start with some things off the top of my head:

"I knowin' it" (she'd say this for a while when you told her you loved her)
"So..." (with a one shoulder shrug and a very matter of fact tone and face)
"Going to Gram's house to go marchin'!" (when told we were going to Gram's house in March)
"Don't eat Lynnsie!" (said to our puppy anytime he looks in Lynnsie's general direction)
"I'm thinkin' Lynnsie don't like it" (when Lynns cries about anything, with that matter of fact look and tone)
"Maybe next time." (when she's told no, but it's in a sweet, asking a question kind of way!)
"Yay, mommy, you use the potty all by yourself!" (when we were potty training...maybe this counts as an embarassing one)

Lynns: (not as many for her, yet - but they will come!)
"Down puppy!" (when she sees Peyton up on the door, with lots of authority in her voice and her lips   puckered out. very's really more the face she makes)
"I wan' 'nuggle." (when she wants to snuggle...possibly my favorite) 
"Here go." (with a super sweet, "Mommy I'm innocent" look whenever I catch her with something in her hand she shouldn't my phone)

  The power of their little words to bring such joy is amazing! I can be stresssed or having a bad day and some cute little thing will come out of their mouth and make it all better. Words are powerful. I just have to remember that mine are, too, and the words I speak to them - should always be spoken in love.

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