Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joy in the Little Things

   I love how it takes very little to make babies and kids smile and laugh.  I love how it takes them doing very little to make me smile or laugh, too!  Anna Beth had her Valentine's Party at school today and, of course, came home with a bag way too full of candy for a two year old (don't worry, I will help her with it).
  Anyway, one of her friends at school at put some goodies inside a red plastic cup with hearts on it. When AB saw it..she flipped out with excitement! Immediately, she wanted a glass of milk or water or whatever I would put in her new cup. She quickly declared that she "was a big girl and didn't need a top".  She told me that several times to make sure I understood her. I finally convinced her to wait and drink out of her new special cup until supper.
  And then supper came.  The kid could hardly contain herself! I'm serious, I thought she was going to spill her cup of milk her little hands were shaking so with excitement.  And the joy in her eyes.  Oh, the joy in her eyes over a red, plastic cup with hearts on it. Those blue eyes said so much to me!
  How many times have I needed SO much more than a red, plastic cup to be happy? How many times have I said "if only ______", I would be happier or life would be so much better?  Really? When did it get like that? I can't even remember.
  But I am SO thankful to my heavenly Father, that He has blessed me with these precious children who bring me and give me more joy than I could ever imagine!!  I mean, after a not-so-good day, my heart was flittering because of the look on AB's face over her red cup.  I love the joy my kids bring me each and every day. I love the little things that make them smile and I love the little things that they do to make me smile!! I do NOT want to take that for granted. I never want to go a day without realizing the joy that dances in front me in the form of two adorable little girls.

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